Warding Off An Attacker!

We think about it all the time. Whether you are a survivalist… …a family man… …or just someone trying to get through life:

Dealing With A Sucker Punch!

It’s the single most common attack. It happens in bars. It happens whenever someone gets in your face and gets angry. It’s the

Survival Wound Irrigation

You’re out in the field. Maybe you’re bugging out. Maybe you’re just hiking. Then the worst happens…and suddenly you’re injured, far from medical

Don’t Panic!

It’s true of survival. It’s true of self-defense. Often, it’s not the emergency or the threat you face that defeats you. Sometimes, it’s

Emotional Content!

What separates thinking from doing? What is the most important part… …of both survival and self-defense? If faced with an emergency… …Could you

Snapping Kick!

Kicks are more telegraphic than hand strikes. It’s simply not physically possible not to telegraph them. You have to step or transfer your

Hammerfist: A Training Progression!

You may know the hammerfist strike. It’s a staple of the combatives systems used by survivalists and self-defense exponents. It’s a very practical

Template – Online Workshop

Master The Secrets Of “Urban Survival”: As we’ve already seen numerous times on the news, wide-scale disasters and collapse don’t always bring the