How To Disappear In The Modern Digital Age:

Frank Ahearn
Frank Ahearn

Have you seen that Jennifer Lopez movie, “Enough?”

It’s about a woman who is terrified that her violent ex is going to find her, and the extreme steps she takes to protect her privacy and stay “off the grid.”

Now, most of us think of a film like that as just what it is — entertainment.

We don’t stop to think of the broader implications.

But what if you had to try and hide – really hide, because your life might be in danger — from someone who was determined to find you?

Would it even be possible in this modern age, where everybody’s in a computer or online somewhere?

If you absolutely had to drop out of sight, while still living your life, what steps would you take?

Digital security expert Frank Ahearn shares the benefit of his extensive experience and research on this topic…all in this live training!

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