Discover The “No B.S.” Lessons About How To Survive A Collapse!

Russ AdlerIn September of 2017, hurricane Maria obliterated Puerto Rico’s already feeble infrastructure.

Hundreds of thousand of people were still without power at the beginning of this year, and thousands more struggle without the necessities of life months after the storm.

In other words, what happened in Puerto Rico illustrates EXACTLY the type of collapse we need to prepare for.

Whether it’s due to a devastating natural disaster… a grid-down blackout… financial collapse… or any other wide-scale national crisis, the lack of resources and infrastructure our society has grown dependent on could crumble right before our eyes without even so much as a warning.

When that happens, what dangers will you face? What challenges, both physical and psychological, will you have to overcome? And how can you prepare for these challenges ahead of time?

That’s what we’re going to learn in this month’s NWPA Master Class, as survival trainer, Russ Adler, shares his experiences in managing disaster relief teams in Puerto Rico following the hurricane’s devastation.

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