Master The Secrets Of “Tactical Handgun Speed Shooting”:

Chris Fry

At its very foundation, the purpose of using a firearm for self-defense is to quickly stop your attacker before he can strike, stab, or shoot you.

Unfortunately, when compared with a shoulder-fired rifle or shotgun, a pistol is a relatively low-impact weapon against a man-sized target.

That means you’ll likely need more than one bullet “on target” in order to effectively win the fight and save your life.

When an enraged, meth-crazed felon is doing the 40 yd. dash in your direction with a blade in hand, you’d damn well better get multiple rounds “on target” as quickly as possible to make sure that you – and perhaps your family you protect – survive the attack.

In this NWPA “master class”, close combat firearms expert, Chris Fry, revealed the secrets of shooting a handgun at lightening speed and “on target” even under the extreme stress of a real gunfight.

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