Your Next Private “Open Office” Call Is:
Friday, August 28th @ 2pm-4pm EST.


Here Are The Rules For Calling In…

First You can ONLY call on the days and times I list on this page.   Here’s my direct line for the next call-in: (847) 380-4249 (Note: This number may change but the new number will always be listed on this page for you.)

This page will be updated regularly (the days and times will change so if you don’t see a convenient time listed this week, chances are you’ll find a very convenient opening next time. Also check back often because any time an appointment opens on my end, we’ll add that day and time to the list for you).

Second As much as I love to chat, please don’t call me just for “small talk”. Come prepared, focused, and ready to take action. And don’t be shocked if I speak fast… we need to keep these calls brief so I can get the greatest results for the greatest number of people in our group.

Third This is a first come – first served benefit.  If you don’t get through on your first try, that means I’m helping someone else in our group. Do not leave a message – just hang up and try again every few minutes until you get through.

These “open office” calls will prove to be a great asset for you in your tactical and preparedness planning. It’s not uncommon for a person to gain massive confidence in their ability to protect themselves and those they love from just the tactics discussed on one short session.

I look forward to working with you!