Ask The Expert: Rich Nance

Rich Nance | Tactical Firearms InstructorRich Nance is one of the most respected names in the firearms industry with his real-world experience as a Los Angeles SWAT team member, trainer, and reality-based gunfight tactics featured in numerous magazines and on TV.

Listen In As Our Members Ask Rich Their Most Burning Questions!

We got all sorts of great questions in during our LIVE phone call with Rich and his responses really show the value of real-world experience.

Not only did Rich pull from his job as a police officer, but he also shared some top tips he’s learned from other instructors as well.

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And Here’s A Look At The Questions We Covered This Month…

Rodger – Fallon Station, NV

I’m a disabled Air Force veteran and walk with a walker so my mobility is difficult and I can lose my balance easy. What’s tips do you have for carrying and using a handgun for people like me?

Rory – Amherst, NY

As a police officer responding to incidents involving citizens with a firearm, what are some common mistakes you see people making when it comes to their actions to defend themselves?

Malcolm – Rocky Mount, NC

I know people talk about doing “tactical reloads”, but I can’t even remember how many rounds I’ve shot off at the range when I’m practicing. What’s your opinion of the reality of tactical reloads and if/when you would advise one?

Jim G. – Canton, OH

I know you also do training for carbines and I’ve been looking into getting one for home defense. What are some key things I should be looking for when selecting one? Also, I hear people mentioning “1 in 7” and “1 in 9” twist. What is this, does it matter, and if it does, what should I get?

Julie R. – Green Bay, WI

When you go to the gun range for your own personal “defense training”, how would you set up your training agenda? What do you work on… how many rounds… etc. (Keep in mind the normal range rather than a more tactical range.)

Ronald S. Murfreesboro, TN

When police officers catch a bad guy, they always tell them to “get on the ground”. If I catch someone in my home, what exactly should I do while I’m waiting for police to show up? I have this vision of the guy deciding after about 2 minutes on the ground that he doesn’t want to get arrested and it’s worth rushing me or just running out the door. Do I just stand there with my gun on him and pray he decides to stay there to wait for his fate?