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Dear fellow patriot,

There’s more to surviving a long-term crisis than just stocking away a few extra meals.

To fully prepare and protect yourself and those you love, you must know…

… “military style tactics” to engage enemy combatants when you need to defend yourself and those you love…

how to shoot with laser-like precision to end a threat fast and conserve ammunition…

… and how to escape the area immediately if you need to get the hell out of Dodge!

That’s why I want to extend your savings by offering you 4 complete programs that will fill in any gap you may have in your current survival weapons plan.

All you have to do to accept this special savings is click the green “YES!” button below and we’ll add the extra $27 charge to your order and have all 4 reports (a $108 value!) waiting for you in your access area…

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Why Am I Giving You
$108 Worth Of
Survival Blueprints So Dirt Cheap?

Because you’ve shown me that you’re serious about protecting yourself and your family, I consider you a part of my own “survival community”.

Make no mistake… there’s a growing momentum of men and women just like you and me who are waking up to the fact that these uncertain times are a powder keg just waiting for a match.

When the $%#@ hits the fan, I know that it’s going to be people like us who will be the ones standing while others are out there… wandering around like zombies… fighting like a pack of wolves… scrounging for food… and begging for government handouts that may or may not be there.

But not you and me!

Armed with these 4 incredible reports, you’ll have all the information you need now to take care of those who look to you for protection during a time of crisis.

Here’s A Quick Look At What You Get When You
Take Advantage Of This One-Time Offer Now…


Force-On-Force Tactics:
Real “Battlefield Strategies”
For Life Without
Law And Order

(Retail Value – $27)

When you’re facing off against mobs of looters… gangs infiltrating a disaster zone… and other “organized combatants”… you’re going to need to rely on something more than your 1” shot group down at the range.

Our “Force-On-Force Defense Tactics” program picks up where your range time ends and reveals real “military style” strategies – adapted from the battlefield for the realities of the types of threats you may face in your town after it’s been ravaged by natural disaster… or long-term collapse.

In this exclusive program, you’ll discover…

  • Real-life threats never imagined by “everyday citizens”! Most people will never see an “infiltration” coming. But read pages 15-17 and you’ll be “in the know” about who to watch out for the most in a collapse scenario. (I promise you’ll be shocked!)
  • How to build your own “armed forces” network in your community! The time to establish a command and control system is NOT in the middle of a disaster – it’s right now! We’ll show you how to get started beginning on page 18.
  • Fortifying your “survival retreat”! It may be your home… or a secondary safe location… and you’ll discover a simple “gardening trick” on page 20 that will turn your abode into a virtual fortress lined with flowers.
  • Your own personal “CIA” network! This is super crafty and no one else will even think of this critical step in establishing early warning signs in your community of conflict on the horizon. This is must-read material you’ll find starting on page 24!
  • How to train your “defense network” in force-on-force operations (without drawing unwanted attention from government spies, drones, or military and law enforcement).
  • Gear up! Critical considerations when planning as a “defense group” (rather than just you as a lone wolf).
  • And Much, Much More!


Active Shooter Response:
How To Survive Lunatic Shootings, Terrorist Bombings, And
Chemical Attacks!

(Retail Value – $27)

All you have to do is watch the news and you realize that the faces of “random violence” and pre-planned domestic and foreign terror attacks have changed.

They’re much harder to detect… much more chaotic… and much more DEADLY!

When an ambush takes place (it can happen literally in any town – any time!), one wrong move can mean the difference between life or death for you and those you love and count on YOU for protection!

That’s why we tracked down one of the leading terrorism-response experts to share his best strategies for how the “Average Joe & Jane” can better ensure survival in any type of attack.

We’ll share every last strategy with you in this exclusive program where you’ll discover…

  • This awkward “pick-up mistake” on page 10 that makes you look like a dork when trying to scope out a woman for a date can help you spot a terrorist or active shooter about to make their move and being their killing spree!
  • The very first thing you MUST do in an IED attack! Ironically it’s the opposite of what most people do. Follow your step-by-step response on pages 24-25 and YOU will be one of only a handful of civilians who survive the blast!
  • How to tell if you’re being tracked by a predatory assassin or terrorist. (Most people don’t know that even mass-killers and suicide bombers first target WHO they want to take out in a crowd. That could be you – for no reason at all – and page 11 will help you spot a threat and take action!)
  • The first move you should always make before entering a public building from the street to ensure you’re not walking into a danger zone. (No one ever does this simple potentially life-saving practice you’ll discover in just one simple sentence on page 12 – but CIA, Secret Service, and seasoned street cops have made it second nature. You should too!)
  • Chemical attacks! It’s the most horrific way to die – slow and painful – and the only response 99% of citizens know is to panic. You need to act fast and you need to follow this 3-step action guide to ensure you and your loved ones don’t inhale from a poison cloud – or it’s too late!
  • How to “trick” an active shooter so you’re almost invisible in the midst of his shooting spree. (Weirdly, this works better when you’re closer to your attacker! And sadly, this lesson comes straight from survivors of real-life shooting spree.)
  • And Much, Much More!


Flash Mob Survival:
Fast Escape Strategies
For An “Instant Riot”

(Retail Value – $27)

In 2011, at a pre-determined time, a mob of young patrons spread throught the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds began beating anyone and everyone that was within arm’s reach.

Moms, dads, children… all suffered the horror of the latest act of violence by today’s scum with no respect for human decency… or life!

They’re called “flash mobs” and they’re far different than the funny, surprise wedding proposal versions you’ve seen on T.V. – these are downright deadly!

In this shocking “survival guide” we explore this latest “act of terror” in-depth and reveal the top “escape tactics” you’ll need to get you and your family out alive when the world around you goes absolutely ape-sh*t!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside…

  • How a bodyguard thinks vs. the “average Joe”. Guess what…if you have a family, you’re a “bodyguard” – and this critical awareness trick on page 9 is the foundation for making sure your loved ones escape an “instant riot” alive.
  • A weird weapon to keep in your car that doubles as a rescue device… and will make adrenaline-fueled rioters poop their pants if you ever have to use it for defense.
  • Better than an iphone at tracking down your kids when you need to rendezvous at a safety zone! (Yet you NEVER see this device on page 15 used by the average citizen – a sad mistake in a mob scenario.)
  • The biggest mistake “concealed carry” handgun owners make when it finally comes time to put their weapon into action. All that training WASTED because you fall into the same trap the others do that we outline on page 19.
  • How to avoid being targeted by looters when you’re armed… and a little-known way to stay covert AND protected with a firearm!
  • Escape & evasion maneuvers when driving in your vehicle – and suddenly surrounded by a blood-thirsty mob!
  • How to be “invisible” in a riot – no matter how cruel and frenzied the chaos may get! Real “ninja” tricks start on page 30!
  • And Much, Much More!


Shoot Like A Sniper:
Long-Range Accuracy Secrets From A
Combat Sharpshooter

(Retail Value – $27)

Whether you’re facing an 8-point buck a mile away or defending your castle from encroaching armed mobs hell-bent on storming your fortress, you’d damn well better make every single shot count!

Fortunately, our elite military has perfected the art of long-range accuracy for our sniper teams and now YOU will get an insider’s glimpse into the practical tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away in your own training to “wow” your friends at the range… and put a quick end to predatory invaders in a collapse survival scenario!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your shooting will improve with any rifle you own – even without fancy gadgets – once you start training with secrets like…

  • How to shoot even beyond your weapons natural capabilities! (Yes, it can be done!)
  • “One shot – one kill” tactics that make the sniper so deadly in combat. Simple to master with this step-by-step guide on page 25-26.
  • The tools of the trade – from your choice of a rifle to the critical gear you should consider for sniper-like precision. (Don’t worry… some of it’s pretty dirt cheap.)
  • The one type of ammunition you absolutely MUST stay away from if you ever hope to hit your target at extended ranges. Sadly, it’s the ammo most rifle shooters are stuck with these days. All will be revealed on page 14.
  • The 3 most critical factors that affect your accuracy at longer distances. Master these areas and you’ll be able to shoot consistent bulls-eyes at 500 yards!
  • How to choose the right sights and zero your scope. Be warned – there’s a lot of crappy advice on how to choose the right scope for long-range accuracy. Keep this guide handy when you’re ready to add to your rifle gear.
  • And Much, Much More!


There’s no need to enter your credit card information a second time. Just click the green “YES!” button below and we’ll simply add the extra $27 charge to your order and have all 4 reports (a $108 value!) waiting for you in your download area…

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