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MCS 322 – Step-By-Step Urban Survival Caching

One of the reasons we’re so excited about our upcoming transition to Warrior Life is that we LOVE participation from our readers, listeners, and followers. In this week’s podcast, we answer a question on a really interesting topic: Urban survival caching! Specifically, Ryan in Lubbock, Texas, asks… “How do you

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Best Tactical Tomahawk Fighting Tips For Self-Defense

Best Tactical Tomahawk Fighting Tips For Self-Defense!

It’s been going through a skyrocketing resurgence in both the military and law enforcement, as a tactical tool as well as a weapon. I’m talking about the tactical tomahawk. If you don’t have one, you may be missing out on one of the most powerful close quarters combat weapons available.

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Real Street Fight Training -Hit Harder In A Fight

Real Street Fight Training: 3 Tips To Punch Faster And Harder!

To defeat an attacker, especially one that’s bigger and stronger than you, you need to know not only the instant destruction points that will take them out quickly, but also the close quarters tactics that will allow you to hit with extreme power. It’s easy enough to learn those targets,

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MCS 321 – Permanent Pandemic Prepping

Tired of all this pandemic BS? Wondering where it’s all going and what life is going to look like in the future? You’re not alone! In this episode, we break out our “prepper crystal ball” to give you our predictions for the future… …and how YOU can employ your own

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ARRESTED for Defending Yourself: What Would YOU Do?

By now, you’ve probably heard about what happened to the McCloskeys. You know, that couple who protected their house from a violent mob? They were worried their home would get burned down, and while it looks like they made quite a few mistakes, nobody was hurt. But the prosecutor in

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