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How to hide your guns for a home invasion.

Murder, rape, and torture… …these are common aspects of one of the worst crimes you can experience – the home invasion. A

EMP Survival Alert

Every 11 years, the magnetic field of the Sun flips. This powerful force that drive sunspots, solar flares and huge explosions of

Is The Crossbow A Good Survival Weapon?

Everyone laughs at the redneck with a crossbow… until a zombie is chewing on your face! Thanks to badass Walking Dead icon,

Survival Medicine

Every soldiers knows that traveling for long distances on foot can really wreak havoc with your feet. When it comes to traveling

Legal Self Defense

The decision to use deadly force to protect yourself with a gun or other weapon is very subjective. That’s why you hear

Dry Fire Shooting Exercises

Gun fights don’t happen at a stand-still. Your uninvited meth-addict house guest is going to be moving – trying to shoot YOU

Ground Fighting Self Defense

Most people have heard of the statistic that “most street fights end on the ground.” If they stop to picture this at

Preparing for a real-life gunfight isn’t the same as training at the range. The mental stress you’ll experience when your life is

I’m warning you… the video you’re about to see is very graphic (I’m even surprised they aired it on the news). But

With little to no law enforcement in place during a survival situation, or in a situation where the normal rules don’t apply

Home Protection Invasion Training

Imagine this scenario: You’re sitting at home watching reruns of ‘The Simpsons’ and there’s a knock at your front door. “Who’s there?” you

Street Fight BUlly Attack Self-Defense MMA Worldstar

Did you ever fight a bully “back in the day?” I had my share of fights in school, and to this day,