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WL 328 – 10 Commandments Of Self-Defense

You know, you’ll never go broke betting on one thing:

Just how MAD people get when they talk about self-defense online.

Case in point, one of our most “viral” videos…

…is a video we did about “punching” in a street fight.

But that video represents just ONE street-fight principle.

If you want to be the best prepared you can be for a real-life fight…

…there are TEN principles you need to know about.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS of Self-Defense!

Best Street Smart Self-Defense Advice
Best Street Smart Self-Defense Advice

In this week’s podcast episode, I run down those 10 self-defense principles so that you can better protect yourself and your family.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How your own MIND could work against you in a street fight.
  • Why the moment you realize you’re fighting could be TOO LATE to fight back!
  • A body language trick you can use to avoid telegraphing your next move in a fight.
  • What shooting and punching have in common when you’re fighting for your life!
  • Why punching in a street fight is the LAST thing you want to do!

I know everybody has strong opinions when it comes to a topic like this.

This episode is sure to ruffle some feathers, but it can also really help you when it comes to better defend yourself and the people you love.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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