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WL 337 – 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry

A while back I did a popular episode on the 10 Commandments of Self-Defense.

This week, I’m taking that same concept to my holster…

…with my absolute, top 10, must-follow rules of concealed carry!

I know this is a topic everyone has strong opinions about.

But these are rules you should be following to stay protected!

When it comes to guns, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

That’s true of the “concealed carry” lifestyle most of all!

The TEN COMMANDMENTS of Concealed Carry!


In this week’s podcast episode, I list my “10 commandments” of concealed carry, in what is sure to be a controversial episode that gets people talking.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The one place you probably don’t carry your gun… where you SHOULD!
  • The danger posed by well-meaning “hero” citizens.
  • The one thing your front sight should ALWAYS have.
  • Why the wrong ammo choice could put you in LEGAL trouble!
  • One way to practice every day… even without ammo!

Remember, these are MY opinions.

As always, I want to hear from you on our blog… and hear what commandments of concealed carry YOU believe in.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:


What Are YOUR Commandments Of Concealed Carry?
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