WL 341 – Survival Caching - Myths & Mistakes

WL 341 – Survival Caching – Myths & Mistakes

WL 341: Survival Caching - Myths & Mistakes
WL 341: Survival Caching – Myths & Mistakes

No, “survival caching” is NOT just for “doomsday preppers.”

But I know many of you have probably never considered this as part of your “survival plan” before.

Either it was too “out there” for you…

…or you thought it was too difficult to take on.

But survival caching is neither of those things!

“Caching” is basically just “super-hiding” your goods, gear, and other items…

…and that includes hiding them from “prying eyes,” looters, and even CONFISCATION by authorities!

I’m here to tell you that this really is a powerful and important aspect of keeping you and your family safe and secure during a crisis.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll share with you the 3 biggest myths that may have kept you from adding this to your survival plan… as well as some major mistakes some people make when it comes to survival caching.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The MAIN reason for having a survival cache… no matter what!
  • The 3 different categories of survival caching.
  • The assumption you HAVE to make before you tackle this topic (and why).
  • Why having supplies at home, or even at your bugout location, may not be enough!
  • How to get the simple, step-by-step training you need to make survival caching work for you!


As always, I’d love to hear from you on our blog regarding YOUR approach to survival caching.

Share your thoughts and tips with us… and help us build our Warrior Life community.

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