WL 417 – SPEC OPS Survival Round Smackdown

WL 417 – SPEC OPS Survival Round Smackdown

“If I hear one more prepper say that the 22 Long Rifle is the best all ’round survival cartridge…

…I’m gonna challenge them to a duel at 50 paces with my AR-15 chambered in 5.56!”

That was basically the attitude in an article I read recently.

And we’re gonna tackle that attitude head-on!

Because you can’t ALWAYS trust “special operations” perspectives.

In this week’s podcast, warriors, I’ll explain the major points in that article… and then proceed to a gen-u-ine SPEC OPS Survival Round SMACKDOWN.


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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why special ops aren’t issued .22 LR weapons (and why that doesn’t matter)!
  • The TRUTH about the .22 and accuracy.
  • Whether you really can rely on the .22 to save your life in an emergency.
  • And much more!


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