Congratulations On Claiming Your
ADVANCED “Combat Machete” DVD!


I promise you that you’re going to be SHOCKED at how quickly you’re about to become a true “Master” with the machete once you discover the cutting edge training in the “Advanced” DVD headed your way.

It’ll be arriving at your door soon so keep an eye out for it, ok?

WARNING: Once you get your DVD, promise me that you will NOT skip the “Beginner” DVD and rush on to the advanced stuff.  That would be a HUGE mistake because you must first understand the foundational principles behind our exclusive system before you can advance.

In order for you to defend against multiple attackers… use our special “shadow blade” technique… and wield 2 machetes at the same time… well, just trust me when I tell you that you will advance much (MUCH!) quicker when you follow our step-by-step training system starting with the Beginner’s DVD.

We’ve perfected this process over the last few years so it will make things super simple (and EXCITING!) for you to training with!

Enjoy the DVD and I look forward to hearing about your training!