Congratulations!  You’re IN!

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Here’s What To Do Right Now…

Making Flight Arrangements:

Driving To The Event?

The event will be held in Woodcreek, TX at Camp Young Judaea:

Address: 121 Camp Young Judaea Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676 (Map)

It’s a little tricky getting to the Camp, so a GPS will help.  (Note that the retreat center is in the town of “Woodcreek”, but the address for it is actually “Wimberley”.)

What To Bring With You:

We’ll provide all the training gear and safety equipment you’ll need.  Here’s a suggested list of other items you should bring with you:

Training Event Agenda:

Click here for the full training agenda >>

Generally speaking… we’ll begin our training after dinner on Friday evening with a few hours of classroom foundational information so we can hit the ground running Saturday morning.

Saturday will be training all day with our foundational weapons platform – the machete.  We’ll begin right after breakfast and go until about 5:00pm when we break for dinner.

(Note:  For NWPA members, we have a special surprise dining event planned for you Saturday evening.  If you’re not an NWPA member, you can check it out and sign up for $1 here…)

Sunday, we’ll begin training again first thing in the morning after breakfast – applying what we’ve learned to additional weapons that you’ll realistically find in a survival scenario.  We’ll end the day at about 2:30pm with shuttle service back to the airport for those who require it.

Want To Start Your Training Early?

Combat Machete ManualGo ahead and right-click here to download a free copy of the Combat Machete Quick-Start Training Manual

This will give you some of the basics we’ll be starting with so you can at least get your head in the game.

In addition, if you don’t already have a copy of our “Combat Machete” DVD’s, I highly recommend at least get a copy of our “Basic” Combat Machete DVD here…

Both the Beginner and the Advanced DVD’s are my personal favorites of all the work I’ve ever done in over 30 years in the tactical industry.  I promise you’ll love the information you’ll find on both these DVD’s and it will greatly short-cut your skill development at the event.

Any Questions?

We’ll be sending out more information (agenda, updates, etc.) but if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with my Assistant, Kim at [email protected].  Also, here’s my cellphone number if you need to contact me during your travel:  (512) 696-8813

I look forward to training with you!

Jeff Anderson
Modern Combat & Survival