Congratulations On Claiming Your
METAL “Training Machetes”!

Training Machete

Nice move!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only ONE WAY to train for real machete combat… and you just made the right decision to grab our custom-designed training machete(s) in order to get that realistic metal-to-metal feel when you practice with a partner.

Plus, if you own the Advanced Combat Machete training DVD, you’re going to want to have multiple machetes to train with – especially when you get to the “double-machete” phase of your training.

So just in case you needed a few extra “blades” (like for a training partner?), I’m going to hook you up with a 2-for-1 special so you can add to your arsenal at the lowest price possible, ok?

Just use this special link to order another set of machetes (and please keep this link a secret, ok?)

Now, A Special Word About Your Machetes…

We custom-designed these training machetes with “military-grade aircraft aluminum” so they would take all the abuse you can dish out… and beg for more!

The soft metal design allows the blade to “self-temper” over time.

Basically, that means that your edge is going to get LOTS of dings in it as you train against another partner with a machete.

THIS IS COMPLETELY NATURAL… and designed to react this way in order to harden over time and avoid sharp metal “snags” that other metals would create.

If you do notice any sharp edges show up (we call them “crusties”), simply take a small file to it in order to round it out and you’re back in business.