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[s3file s3url=”Dirt_Cheap_Gun_Training/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Dirt Cheap Gun Training[/s3file]Dirt Cheap Gun Training

No ammo? No problem!

In Dirt Cheap Gun Training, you’ll discover a treasure trove of simple-yet-powerful firearms training tips, tricks, tactics and drills that you can do at home, with or without a training partner.

[s3file s3url=”Dirt_Cheap_Gun_Training/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]eRead_50x50[/s3file][s3file s3url=”Dirt_Cheap_Gun_Training/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Click here now to access the “Dirt Cheap Gun Training” manual[/s3file]



[s3file s3url=”Concealed_Carry_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Concealed Carry Training[/s3file]Report: Concealed Carry Drills

If you carry a firearm for personal protection, you’re keenly aware of the need to be super-skilled with drawing and making fast shoot-don’t shoot decisions.

In this special report, you’ll receive some valuable training exercises and strategies that will  give you the confidence you need to protect yourself in public.

[s3file s3url=”Concealed_Carry_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]eRead_50x50[/s3file][s3file s3url=”Concealed_Carry_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Click here now to access the “Concealed Carry” report[/s3file]


[s3file s3url=”ForceOnForce_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Force On Force Training[/s3file]Report: Force-On-Force Drills

There’s no substitute for practicing your firearm skills with another live human being. They dynamics change when your target is fighting back, unlike static paper targets at the range.

In the Force-On-Force special report, you and your training partner will have a bucket of drills to keep your firearms training sessions fresh and exciting for both of you… and extremely effective at fine-tuning your skills!

[s3file s3url=”ForceOnForce_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]eRead_50x50[/s3file][s3file s3url=”ForceOnForce_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Click here now to access the “Force-On-Force” report[/s3file]


[s3file s3url=”Rifle_Shotgun_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Rifle & Shotgun Training[/s3file]Report: Rifle & Shotgun Drills

If you own a rifle or shotgun for home defense, congratulations… you possess some serious stopping power! But in the close quarters of a home defense scenario, you have to fully understand the dynamics of your weapon, limitations, and how to unleash its life-saving superpowers.

In the Rifle & Shotgun special report, you’ll find some serious exercises you’ve probably never thought of and you’ll feel far more confident wielding a long-gun for self-protection.

[s3file s3url=”Rifle_Shotgun_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]eRead_50x50[/s3file][s3file s3url=”Rifle_Shotgun_Drills/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Click here now to access the “Rifle & Shotgun” report[/s3file]



[s3file s3url=”Combat_Shooting_Secrets/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Combat Shooting Secrets[/s3file]Combat Shooting Secrets

You’re about to discover the most unique and devastating firearms tips, tricks & tactics ever compiled in one easy-to-follow guide.

These are the insider secrets from military, law enforcement, expert range instructors, and experienced concealed carry and home defense protectors all over the world.

You won’t be able to put this guide manual down once you start reading!

[s3file s3url=”Combat_Shooting_Secrets/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Click here now to access the “Combat Shooting Secrets” program[/s3file]


CD_Combat_250Audio – Shoot To Survive

This one of a kind call-in show with David Morris on his new book, “Tactical Firearms Training Secrets” was the origin of the Combat Shooting Secrets program and yielded some of the best home defense and personal protection tips we’ve ever encountered!

Just wait until you load this exclusive audio program up to your mp3 player – just make sure to have a notebook handy because there are a TON of great ideas in here!

volume-red-iconRight click here now to save a copy of “Shoot To Survive”



CD_DCGT_250Audio – Cheap Tactical Training Tips

After one of our ISCQC network instructors released a new book on how train for real-life firearms scenarios, we just HAD to get him on the phone for a full-blown brain-suck of his best tips.

We weren’t disappointed – and he held nothing back as he revealed some of his best tips for training with your weapon on a budget!

volume-red-iconRight click here now to save a copy of “Cheap Tactical Training”