Congratulations On Your “Kinda Kickstarter” Pre-Order Of Our New “Mini” Urban Survival Machete!

If you made it to this page, it means that you’re one of the “pioneer patriots” who jumped on board to help launch the release of the most powerful “mini” machete on the market.

Here’s what to expect next…

Once we have enough people on board, we’ll begin immediate production of everyones’ pre-order machete.

That includes your machete… MOLLE-compatible… as well as your free bonus ankle holster and tactical flashlight you get for helping us launch our latest product.

We Have A New Name For Our Machete… And A Winner For The Contest!

Congratulations to Lee Graves for the winning submission of our new machete’s name: The MCS Sentinel!

(We actually had multiple submissions of that name… but as per our rules, only the first person in gets the prize, and Lee won it by only 2 HOURS!  It pays to jump on these things, eh?)

Check Back Here Often For Updates…

We expect it to take about 3-4 months to complete production.  Again, it could take less time… but it could also take slightly more.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

11/22/19 Update – Machetes are in full-blown production mode right now! Since we limited the production number of our first run, we’re trying to shorten the wait period for you.  We’re still probably looking at the end of December or beginning of January before we have them all ready for shipment (which is actually sooner than I was hoping). Working with 1095 steel is a VERY hard process (which is why the big name brands stick to inferior metals for their blades) and there’s lots of room for error (which destroys the entire blade). We have the process down though – and our Quality Assurance Team is pretty damn picky.