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Click To Watch VideoVideo 1: The Right Way To Pack Your BOB!

This may not seem all that “sexy” to you at first, but packing your bug-out bag the right way can make a huge difference in how easily you get to safety when forced to evacuate.

I’ll explain why as well as my little-known “military tricks” of the trade (plus a couple of surprises I’ve never heard anyone discuss before)!

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Biggest Bugout Bag MistakeVideo 2: The #1 Secret To An “Instant Evac”

By far, this is the biggest mistake I see most survivalists make when it comes to their bug-out bag.

Ironically, it has nothing to do with what’s actually IN your bag… it’s something much simpler and taking action on this right now will drastically increase your chances of getting out alive if you’re ever forced to get out of Dodge!

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Wearing Your BOBVideo 3: The Bug-Out “Weakest Link”

When it comes to getting to your secondary safety retreat when traveling by foot,  you’re only as successful as your “weakest link”!

In this video, you’ll discover exactly what your primary “weak links” are… and how to overcome the one common denominator that could keep you from reaching safety when the world around you is in chaos.

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bob_vid_4_blowout_kit_iconVideo 4: Your Bug-Out “Blowout” Med Kit

Imagine you and your family are in the eye of a natural disaster or attack or on the path to your bugout destination and sustain a life-threatening injury.

It could be a broken leg… deep laceration that won’t stop bleeding… or even a bullet wound.

First responders are struggling to care for all the wounded… or there’s no medical attention to be found anywhere

In this video, you’ll discover exactly why we developed our Extreme Bug-Out Bag with this possible scenario in mind… and what you can do NOW to prepare.

Click here to view “Blowout” VIDEO 4…


bob_vid_5_bugout_shelter_iconVideo 5: Stripping Pounds Off Your BOB

Forget all those knucklehead “bugout bag lists” you see scattered all over the internet.

Most of these are created by people who have never had to actually take part in an evacuation with a go-bag… let alone actually be forced to carry that massive, “everything but the kitchen sink” mule pack on their back mile after mile.

I have.

And in this video, I’ll share the 2 biggest mistakes most of these lists make… and my “military solution” that will knock a good 7 lbs off your bugout bag immediately.

Click here to view “Strip It Down” VIDEO 5…


bob_vid_6_bugout_camp_iconVideo 6: Your Bugout “Tactical Basecamp”

It’s always best to stay on the move as much as possible when you’re evacuating to safety.

But there may be a need – especially if trekking with family – to pull over and set up “camp” along the way.

When you do, you can’t let your guard down… and in this video, I’ll show you how to think tactically about your location and setup to keep you safe and replenish your supplies.

Click here to view “Tactical Basecamp” VIDEO 6…


Video 7 - LPC CareVideo 7: Bugout Medicine – Your “LPC’s”

Ok, fair warning here… this topic is NOT the sexy, zombie-destroying, urban survival hack you’re probably wishing it were.

But as a boots-on-the-ground combat soldier, I can promise you from personal experience that the video you’re about to watch really IS a true life-or-death factor when you’re facing a SHTF bugout by foot.

I promise that after you watch this video, you will know more than 98% of all the other “armchair preppers” who only think they know how to bug out.

Click here to view “LPC Bugout Med” VIDEO 7…


Bugout GunsVideo 8: Bugout “Guns”

Bugging out can be dangerous. Even deadly.

Those who aren’t as prepared as you – when desperate – will start to ask you for help… then beg… then demand… then attack!

As you’ve heard me say several times now, bugging out is much like a “military mission”… and any prepared soldier is armed and ready to protect those he/she loves.

That’s why I want to show you 3 “guns” that you can hide right insider your bugout bag that no one will ever know is there… until they find themselves on the wrong end of the barrel.

Click here to view “Bugout Guns” VIDEO 8…


video9xbobVideo 9: The “Ultimate Bug-Out Plan”

When it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave!

But just having a totally awesome bug-out bag (which you now have), won’t be enough to get you to safety.

That’s why I’m about to reveal how to build in “redundancy levels” into your evacuation playbook so you have full confidence you can pull all of these strategies together into the “ultimate bug-out plan”.

Click here to view “Ultimate Bug-Out Plan” VIDEO 9…