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Mastering The Tactical Tomahawk

In this exclusive combat guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about how to choose… use… and fight with the very latest in battlefield armament – the tactical tomahawk! The hawk is a formidable survival tool and weapon… but only in the hands of those who know how to wield it and after you follow along with our step-by-step tactics guide, you’ll truly be a “Hawk Master”!

[s3file s3url=”Tactical_Tomahawk/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Survive The Collapse[/s3file]

[s3file s3url=”Tactical_Tomahawk/index.html” s3bucket=”products-survival” s3expiry=”90″ newtab=”yes” ]Click here now to access the “Tactical Tomahawk” manual[/s3file] [rule_top]


Hawk Video 1Video 1: Introduction & Training Tips You MUST watch this short video first! You’ll see how to safely train with this deadly weapon in order to avoid injury and also get the most out of your training. Plus, you’ll discover simple ways to make your training super realistic so you know your moves will work in real life when you need them the most! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-01.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 01 – Introduction”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 1…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video 2 - Hawk Anatomy Video 2: Meet The Hawk! To master your weapon, you must first know its “guts”… the most powerful secrets that lie in its design and function. In this video, you’ll get an up-close and personal tour of the deadly (and less-than-lethal) features of the tomahawk and how these design specs can be used to your advantage in melee combat. [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-02.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 02 – Anatomy Of The Hawk”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 2…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_3_Thumb_smVideo 3: Stance & Footwork You can’t build a house without a solid foundation… likewise, your attacks will be worthless if you don’t understand the powerful principles behind drawing force and power from the ground up into every inch of your hawk strikes! This will take some practice… but it’s key to knowing how to stay mobile – especially when facing multiple attackers! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-03.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 03 – Stance Footwork”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 3…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_4_Thumb_smVideo 4: Striking Secrets The hawk holds so much more power than most people ever realize when it comes to close quarter combat tactics. In this video, you’ll discover all the various ways the unique features of the tomahawk can help you survive an attack… and end with YOU as the victor! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-04.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 04 – Striking “]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 4…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_5_Thumb_smVideo 5: Angles Of Attack If you try to use the tomahawk the way most people intuitively train, you’ll truly miss out on the potential power you hold in  your hands. But in just 5 simple moves, you’ll see how easy it is to use the force of the hawk to transform yourself into a human blender! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-05.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 05 – Attack Angles”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 5…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_6_Thumb_smVideo 6: Striking & Movement This is one of the key “fighting system” secrets to why our combat hawk tactics work so well on the battlefield. By combining all you’ve learned so far into a fluid combo, you’ll be able to feel for yourself how to completely own the offense and bring the attack to the bad guys! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-06.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 06 – Striking Movement”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 6…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_7_Thumb_smVideo 7: Catch & Pull Tactics No other weapon gives you the power to instantly “hook” and displace an attacker against their will. In this video, you’ll see how to use the unique design of the tomahawk to flatten a violent predator and toss him around like a rag doll as you attack from all angles. [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-07.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 07 – Catch Pull”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 7…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_8_Thumb_smVideo 8: Close Quarters Fighting This is where the true warrior comes out of you as you discover how to use every feature of the hawk when the battle is “up in your face”. Truth is, your much deadlier in the close confines of an attack… IF you know the secrets you’ll find in this jam-packed “how-to” clip! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-08.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 08 – Close Quarters Combat”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 8…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_9_Thumb_smVideo 9: Double Weapons It’s time to pull out your full “badass-edness” as you discover how to integrate secondary weapons into your attacks, including knives… sticks… clubs… and other weapons. This really is the difference between being “good”… and being a “Master”! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-09.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 09 – Double Weapons”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 9…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_10_Thumb_smVideo 10: Spin Moves & Multiple Attackers On the battlefield – no matter where the attack is coming from – you must ALWAYS assume that you’re facing multiple attackers. The first rule of fighting a gang of thugs is “MOVE”.  The second rule? “MOVE”! In this video, you’ll learn a special “spin move” that will give you 360 degree coverage and the mobility you need to take on 2, 3, or more attackers. [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-10.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 10: Multiple Attackers “]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 10…[/video-products] [rule_top]


Video_Hawk_11_Thumb_smVideo 11: Throwing The Hawk Finally… the TRUTH about tomahawk throwing and how to use it as a “distance weapon” to take an attacker out from afar. You’ll want to practice these skills regularly to get your accuracy down… but NOT for the reason you may think. I’ll explain all in this no b.s. look at the most sought after skill in hawk combat! [video-products file=”Tactical_Tomahawk/tt-11.mp4″ title=”Tactical Tomahawk 11: Throwing The Hawk”]Click here view “Combat Tomahawk” VIDEO 11…[/video-products] [rule_top]