MCS 243 - How To Be A "Dangerous" Hard Target To Criminals

MCS 243 – How To Be A “Dangerous” Hard Target To Criminals

The average street thug makes victimizing people his “job”…

… and he’s good at it!

Spotting an “easy target”… getting close… ambushing without warning… and using violence as a tool to gain money, power, or whatever other reason he may have to attack – these are skills he’s fine-tuned time and time again.

The only thing that’s going to deter him is if you look like a “hard target” – the kind of person who appears (and “is”) so dangerous that he’ll avoid you at all costs, and move on to an easier mark.

And making you THAT “dangerous” is exactly what this week’s podcast episode is all about as I interview former top-bodyguard, Mike Gillette, on his best tactics.

Becoming A HARD TARGET For Criminals

Self Defense Awareness Skills


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • As the saying goes, “If you look like food… you WILL be eaten!”… and Mike shares the most fatal mistakes victims make that can actually ATTRACT violent criminals!
  • How to overcome fear and self-doubt… while increasing your confidence in being able to protect you and those you love from an attack!
  • Small daily changes that can have a BIG impact on your ability to stay safe even on the most dangerous streets!

  • Simple self-defense techniques ANYONE can use to fight back against a bigger, stronger attacker!
  • Practical training tips for becoming the “hard target” you were BORN to be!

The best way to survive a real street attack is to not make yourself a target for one in the first place.

Listen in and discover what top bodyguards and tactical experts know about projecting a “Don’t f*ck with me!” vibe to criminals who may be watching you… without losing your sunny disposition and the ability to adore kitten memes in your spare time.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What OTHER Ways Can You Become A “Hard Target” And Avoid A Criminal Attack?

Please Share Your Best Tips And Questions In The Comments Below Now…

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