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MCS 122: Ambush Survival (Part 1) With Andrew Netschay

There’s a BIG difference between “fighting” and “self defense”.

Fighting often involves prior knowledge.

You know it’s going to happen.

Mixed martial arts bouts are “fighting”.

But in most criminal attack scenarios, you WON’T have the advantage of recognizing the danger that’s headed your way… until it’s too late!

A real criminal will strike while you aren’t looking… attack you when you least expect it… and ambush you without giving you the opportunity to block his blows or get to a weapon to defend yourself.

But this type of ambush attack DOESN’T have to mean defeat or death!

You may not be able to choose WHEN you’re attacked… but you DO have options to fight back if you know the dynamics of how to survive an ambush attack – and that’s what Andrew Netschay is best at!

This week, we dip back into our old ISCQC archives for a 2-part podcast series that I feel is a such a critical survival skill for armed and unarmed citizens, that it was worth reviving this exclusive training.

In Part 1 we’ll get into all the tips you need to help PREVENT an ambush as much as possible, as well as Andrew’s practical “first move” tactics for launching your own counterattack.

Part 1 Of 2: Surviving An Ambush Attack

Ambush Survival Tactics

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode…

  • Can you really “prevent” an ambush attack?
  • Elite awareness training that gives you an “instant radar” to sense trouble in your path!
  • Lead with “____” when you’re counterattacking from an ambush! (It’s the one thing that can save your life!)
  • What to do when you’re overwhelmed with blows and don’t even know where your attacker is striking from!
  • Primary and secondary targets to help you gain the upper hand – even when you’re attacked without warning!

Criminals aren’t as stupid as you think they are… and they know that an ambush will help them accomplish their goal without worrying about you fighting back.

But they’ll have a nasty surprise coming if they ever try it on you after this training!

 What Other “Ambush Survival” Tips Do You Recommend For People?

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