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MCS Podcast #108: Integrating Armed & Unarmed Combatives (With Tim Larkin)

Are gun-owners a little “too confident” in their ability to use a firearm for personal defense?

No, I’m not talking about whether or not you can put a bunch of holes within 1 square in a paper target.

I’m talking about whether or not you’re ignoring your “back-up plan” for when your gun may not be readily available in an attack.

Sadly, most firearm-focused protectors out there fail to take a more holistic approach to their defense plan.

So I asked my buddy, Tim Larkin, to share his insights on how to integrate combatives training AND firearms training in order to be better prepared for the reality of a violent attack.

“No B.S.” Armed And Unarmed Combat

Target Focus Training Tim Larkin

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • Why “violence” matters… as much to you as it does to your attacker!
  • Gun guru wake-up calls that should shock you into going “beyond the barrel” and show you how to be even better prepared before you ever lay a finger on the trigger!
  • The critical difference between being a “gunfighter” and being able to “fight with a gun”! Even experienced firearms experts often never “get” this… but it can make a world of difference in whether you live or die in an attack!
  • Mind tricks that matter: The ONLY way you must “think” about attacks… if you ever want to make it home safe and sound!

Whether your main “thing” is hand-to-hand combatives or guns, this special preview podcast will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge your ability to master the skills you need to be a better protector!

Are YOU Integrating Your Armed And Unarmed Training Together?

Please Share Your Best Tips On How To Do This Below Now…

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