MCS Podcast #114: Bruce Lee Fight Secrets

MCS Podcast #114: Bruce Lee Fight Secrets

Bruce Lee Fight Secrets

There’s no way to argue it…

Bruce Lee was one of the world’s greatest martial artists (perhaps THE greatest!)

But Lee was also a devastating “fighter” – capable of destroying any attacker stupid enough to test his skills.

Unfortunately, many martial artists have learned (the hard way) that those techniques trained over and over in the dojo don’t often translate to practical tactics for defeating a street brawler.

But Lee was an innovator.

He analyzed… tested… trained… and fine-tuned what REALLY worked from all the martial arts he studied to develop more of a “system” of principles that not only looked great on film, but would save your life in a real attack.

In this broadcast, we dive into one of his foundational attack principles – his “5 Ways Of Attack” – and explore how to use them to defeat any attacker in a real street fight.

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Here’s a quick look at what you’ll discover in this week’s podcast:

  • “Street fight science”… and 2 simple moves anyone can use to end a fight fast (even in as little as just 1 move!).
  • How to “chain” your attacks to create a barrage of devastating strikes your attacker will never even get a chance to recover from!
  • “Sucker strike” options your attacker will hand you on a silver platter!
  • “Fake attacks” that will confuse your assailant and give you the tactical advantage right from the start of the fight!
  • A close quarters combat tactic for neutralizing a “boxer” before he even gets in a single punch!

You don’t have to be a martial arts bad-ass to take Bruce Lee’s best fight secrets and apply them to your own self-protection training.

These “5 ways of attack” can be put to use right away without hours and hours of training!

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