Revealed: Bruce Lee's Fighting Techniques Were A Complete Rip-Off!

Revealed: Bruce Lee’s Fighting Techniques Were A Complete Rip-Off!

I know this is going to make a bunch of martial artists get their tighty-whities in a wad, but I gotta say it…

…Bruce Lee was an absolute THIEF!

It’s true!

While he’s was no-doubt a real badass fighter and credited for “inventing” the martial art fighting system, Jeet Kune Do (or “JKD” for short), a lot of those moves you see in the movies were completely “stolen” from other martial arts.

And I’m here to set the record straight about exactly why

Bruce Lee’s Fighting Techniques Were A Complete Rip-Off!

Bruce Lee Wing Chun Fighting Technique
Ok, now that I’ve ruffled a few feathers, let me explain WHY Lee knowingly stole techniques from other martial arts to create his JKD fighting system (because it’s actually a POWERFUL secret)…

You see, Lee knew it was pointless (even dangerous!) to blindly follow a single “art” if your true intent was to be able to defend yourself against a real attack.

So he took what worked from every single system he trained in… and threw out the “b.s.” techniques that were worthless in a real fight.

Take the “centerline attack” from the kung fu system, Wing Chun for example…

Scientifically, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right?

Well Wing Chun is probably one of the best martial arts out there for “close quarters combat” because all of its techniques are delivered in the “bad breath zone” of fighting an attacker.

The strikes are short… lightning quick… and EXTREMELY devastating (remember Bruce’s “1-inch punch” that could throw a grown man flying backwards?)

In fact, the strikes are so easy and devastating that it’s perfect for “smaller” and older folks.

Here’s why it’s so damn effective…

Most street thugs (even experienced prison felons!) are expecting you to throw a power-packed “haymaker” wild strike from the outside – the typical “barroom punch.”

This type of a punch is the absolute easiest to block, or even just punch you in the face before you can even throw it because they’ll see it coming a mile away.

But with Lee’s “centerline attack” strikes, your attacker will NEVER see it coming because it’s totally “under the radar” and there’s no way in hell he even has enough time to react.

Here’s how you can use Lee’s fighting technique in your own street-fight self-defense training…

Basically, think of your punch coming straight from the center of your body (vs. the “side”) and following a direct path straight to your attacker’s face (or other target).

You then “chain” your punches together (it’s called a “straight blast offense”) by delivering them one after the other – right into his body – creating a barrage of strikes that doesn’t give him time to recover.

Now in JKD, Lee likes to use a “vertical punch” where your knuckles are up and down instead of sideways like a “regular” punch.

Me however… I like to use a palm strike, using the heel of my hand instead of my knuckles because it avoids damaging my hand if I’m hitting the guy in the face or head.

After all, as soon as I knock him back, I’m most likely going for my gun and I need to a fully functional hand to operate it, right?

I’ll tell you… I’ve actually used this technique in real fights and it works like a charm.

Plus, it’s an even more powerful “second move” after the technique I demonstrate on our free street-fighting DVD.

The reality is, it really only takes a few moves that work for you to make you a total badass in a real fight – even if the guy who’s threatening you is bigger and stronger.

What Other Bruce Lee Fighting Techniques Work Well In A Real Street Fight?

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