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MCS 123: Ambush Survival (Part 2) With Andrew Netschay

As we said in Part 1 of our “Ambush Survival podcast, in most criminal attack scenarios, you WON’T have the advantage of recognizing the danger that’s headed your way… until it’s too late!

Criminals aren’t as stupid as we’d like to think they are and will try to ambush you when you least expect it… brutally… and without mercy!

In order to survive this type of no-warning attack, there are specific tactics you must master before – and even DURING – the attack.

This week, we follow up on our old ISCQC archive workshop with more real-world survival skills for armed and unarmed citizens.

How To Survive An Ambush, Part 2!

Counter Ambush Survival Training

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode…

  • Pre-fight strategies to avoid the dangerous “sucker punch” attack!
  • A listener question about “how to get sneaky” when you’re a woman, disabled or have other characteristics that a criminal may think makes you easy prey!
  • “Profiling”: A politically-incorrect word for a necessary survival skill!
  • Attacked from behind: How to recover and fight back when you don’t see the strike coming!
  • Editor’s Bonus: Listen at the very end where I jump back in with 2 fun & easy ways you can actually TRAIN for “ambush survival” (works for both armed & unarmed scenarios!)

Bottom line… if you truly want to be prepared to protect yourself and those you love from a criminal attack, you MUST train for scenarios where everything goes wrong.

Take these “counter-ambush tactics” and make them yours!

Resources Mentioned In This Broadcast:

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