[Easy Video] The "leg sweep of doom"... (Self-Defense Trick)

[Easy Video] The “leg sweep of doom”…

In just a second, I’m gonna show you a video of a self-defense move – but it comes with this warning…

It looks kinda “soft” at first – like ANYONE can do it with ease…

But in one training session, 40 out of 60 police officers got concussions just from PRACTICING it with their fellow officers…on padded mats!

So imagine if you did the SAME move on some hot-headed bully threatening to “fight you” in a parking lot because he says you stole his parking spot.

On asphalt, the fight would be over in 2 seconds and the guy would be completely knocked out cold!

In other words, DON’T go practicing this on your next door neighbor to test it out, ok?

Trust me… it works, and you could SERIOUSLY hurt someone even if you don’t mean to.

It’s called the “leg sweep of doom” and it’s from a friend of mine, Russell Stutely, who – in my opinion – is one of the best instructors on the planet, because he specializes in “pressure point fighting”.

The “leg sweep video” is down near the bottom of his new website here…

It’s part of a new video training program Russell put together that shows police officers, bouncers, and bodyguards how to use “hidden pressure points” to end a fight in just 2 or 3 seconds – against ANYONE!

With pressure points, you don’t even need to hit someone hard to completely lay them out cold.

Seriously, I’ve seen Russell just TOUCH a guy on his forehead and the guy wobbled back off his feet like someone hit him with a baseball bat!

So having even just a COUPLE of these “pressure point tricks” in your back pocket gives you a massive advantage in a fight, without even having to train hard at them.

Seriously, they’re that simple and powerful.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page and, if you want to know how to win a real fight, I also highly recommend getting his new DVD set.


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