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Ground Fighting Self-Defense Tip: Striking On The Ground

Most people have heard of the statistic that “most street fights end on the ground.”

If they stop to picture this at all they think of it as an exhausting wrestling match, or as the typical “ground and pound” in which one fighter mounts the other and just starts punching away at his head.

But punching isn’t really very effective in a ground fight or grappling situation.

There are better alternatives that will allow you to end a fight quickly…

The Best Self Defense Technique For Ground Fighting

Ok, it’s hard to say “best” because you have to adapt to the scenario and use what you have with the threat you face, right?

But arguably, while most people gravitate to “punching”, I’ve personally found (in real street fights) that the best strike for ground fighting is actually a solid “elbow smash”.

The elbow smash is like an elbow strike in traditional martial arts classes, but you’re essentially using the outside of your forearm, the hard bony part.

It’s a six-inch striking surface that starts about two or three inches below your elbow – this is a good, rigid surface.

How To Deliver A Bone-Crushing Elbow Smash In A Ground Fight

The elbow smash is called a “smash” for a reason.

Your goal is to quickly get to the mount position (on top of your attacker) and use the elbow smash to crash your arm into whatever is between you and your opponent.

Trust me, you’ll crush whatever gets in your way if you drive your whole upper body into the strike.

All it should take is one or two strikes… and then get the hell off your attacker in order to escape before someone else jumps you.

Your attacker should be incapacitated on the floor.

Practice this “elbow smash” on a heavy bag on the ground and you’ll see why it’s so effective for ground fighting self defense.

What Other Strikes Do You Like For
Ground Fighting Self Defense?

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