H2H Combat: 1 MMA Fighter's Deadly "Road Rage" Mistake

H2H Combat: 1 MMA Fighter’s Deadly "Road Rage" Mistake

You’re trained, capable, and pretty much a badass.

You’re a BJJ black belt, and one on one, there aren’t a lot of people who are a threat to you.

But when Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Guma Epfane Vasconcelos got into a “road rage” altercation with a guy on a motorcycle…

…He made a “martial arts mistake” that ended in TRAGEDY!

Don’t Make This MMA Fighter’s Deadly Mistake

Martial Artist MMA Road Rage Mistake
Martial Artist MMA Road Rage Mistake

29-year-old Guma was driving in São Domingos do Maranhão, Brazil, when something happened on the road.

We don’t know what that was, exactly, but he pulled over to confront the driver of the motorcycle.

(And no, while it’s really bad to stop and confront someone over “road rage,” that’s NOT the deadly mistake Guma made.)

A security camera captured this part of the incident, after they pulled over.

Guma and the biker were both behaving aggressively, but Guma is clearly using BJJ stances and “stepping-in” body positioning to intimidate the biker.

And that’s when it happens:

The biker pulls out a gun and Guma continues using his martial arts to try and back the other guy down.

Now, you know that in a real-life street fight, the LAST thing you want to think is, “Oh no! What do I do now!”

That’s why everybody knows you need to be know how to fight.

And that’s probably why Guma had spent so much time becoming a BJJ black belt – so that he’d know how to fight when the moment came.

And, look, I’m not criticizing him.

He did the best he could in the situation, and there’s no doubting his courage.

But the lethal mistake he made…

…Was when he kept on doing the same thing.

He was trying to force the “square peg” that was his martial arts skills into the “round hole” that was an armed confrontation.

When the situation changed, Guma needed a different strategy instead of continuing to rely on his BJJ footwork and body positioning.

But he didn’t know what else to do, probably, so he stuck with what he had been taught…

…And THAT is why the video, horribly, ends with Guma being executed by the biker.

“So what are you telling me, Jeff?” I hear you asking. “That everybody needs to know how to fight… but that they can’t use what they know when they meet a guy with a gun?”
Well, no.

Absolutely not!

But depending on the deadly threat you face, especially if all you’ve got to fight with is your bare hands, you’ve got to OUTSMART your attacker with strategy!

For real-life threats (like, sadly, what happened to Guma), you need hand-to-hand strategies you can apply right away, preferably taught by someone who knows what he’s doing.

Well, that’s where Ernest Emerson comes in.

He’s the founder of Emerson Knives, Inc., and one hell of a hand-to-hand combat instructor.

He’s written a book called “The 7 Strategies of Hand-To-Hand Combat.”

The book unlocks the secret to quickly and brutally taking somebody apart if they attack you.

In other words, it’s a no-nonsense guide to defending yourself in these dangerous times, taught by someone who knows his stuff.

Get your copy here now while they’re still available.

You’ll be amazed at what you learn in its pages…

…and the type of horrible tragedy that happened to Guma will NOT happen to you.

Don’t gamble with your life and risk leaving your family without you.

Get this hand-to-hand strategy guide today – and get equipped for real-life, deadly encounters. 

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