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Here’s The Super Simple Science Behind How To Knock Someone Out With One Strike

When someone talks about self-defense and all the various aspects of it, one thing is absolutely certain…

… an unconscious man CAN’T hurt you, right?

That means if you cannot escape an attacker, the MOST EFFECTIVE self-defense strategy is to literally knock them out, as quickly as possible.

Now, there are many ways to K.O. someone, but right now I’m going to give you my personal favorite.

Don’t worry, I don’t do gobbly-gook and esoteric-speak.

I make it as simple to understand as a kick in the balls…

The Simple Science Of Knocking Larger Attackers Out With One Strike!

Knocking Out A Larger Attacker With One Punch
The Simple Science Behind The “One Strike Knockout”


It’s not complicated…

In my Pressure Point System there’s a “secret spot” called GB20 (which stands for “Gall Bladder 20”)

The point is in a direct line between the bottom of the ear and the spine, halfway… same on both sides… just under the round of the bone.

Pressure Point KnockoutYou can even reach around and feel it on the back of your own head.

Here is what the “science” tells us this can do with a strike to this point:

Light strike = K.O.

Hard strike = potential DEATH!

That’s why this area is banned in MMA and ALL Contact Sports!


In a self-defense situation, one can slap this area, punch, elbow, or hammer-fist.

The choice is yours…

…just hit it and watch ’em drop like a stone.

If You’re In A Fight With A Larger Strong Attacker, Try The “GB20” Knockout Strike!

It’s the “size equalizer”…

In a real-life street fight size is always a factor… but it doesn’t matter how big, how bad or how strong your attacker is…

…you hit them in the GB20 spot and they’re going down. 

When you’re dealing with larger attackers… stronger attackers… multiple attackers… you can’t just go blow for blow with them.

Likewise, a lot of what you learn in martial arts classes at the local strip mall just isn’t going to work in a real-life street fight.

You need something that will end the fight fast so you can execute your “sneaker defense” and run away!

What’s even better than something that works fast is something simple… because in the heat of the moment you’re not going to have the presence of mind to execute some crazy spin kick or 18-move combination.

How To Target Your “Knockout Strikes” With Scientific, Laser PrecisionHow To Knock Someone Out With One Punch

In the two diagrams above, you’ll see an easy-to-learn method to analyze the body called the Quadrant theory.

The first diagram shows the location of GB20 in Quadrant 8.

For the very best result, your strike to GB20 in Quadrant 8 should move diagonally toward Quadrant 1.


Any direction will work to get the K.O., but if you are punching “up and through” the target it’s a hell of a lot easier!

In a self-defense situation, brutal simplicity and speed are always best.

Learn this simple and effective strike and you’ll have no trouble dropping a larger, stronger attacker quickly… then making a quick exit.


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    • Asa Driftwood says:

      I’m very interested in this for my daughter my son’s and I have taught her her how to fight to defend herself but sometimes I feel that it isn’t enough. After reading this I feel more confident that she can use this on any attacker much bigger then her and I think that’ll give her enough time to call for police. Thank you

  • My so called friend / lover has a really bad temper, anything I say gets him upset and fired up.
    The first time he was all up in my face screaming like s Sargent, and he went to say ” say something ” and I didnt pay mind to that, i was a bout to say ” I dont understand, when he attacked me . The second time he attacked me again and put me on a headlock.
    I passed out and woke up later on disoriented confused sad and angry all at the same time.
    I hope learning some of these techniques could help me at some point.
    I not a fighter .

    • omg you don’t need to learn fighting techniques. You need to call the police and press charges against this scumbag POS and then get far away from him as fast as possible.

  • I’m a combatives instructor. GB20 difficult to execute from the front on a moving target and useless on one wearing a helmet. If you want to get serious back there, Bladder 10 is a better target which you may hit going after GB20. Consider these in your toolbelt:
    Web/edge/ridge hand/forearm strike to throat ends it. Stomp to front/inside/outside/back of ankle ends it. Hand/shin/knee/foot to groin from front or back ends it. Palm heel/elbow to chin ends it. Ox jaw strike to collar bone ends it. Finger/thumb spear strike in eyes ends it. That’s a few bits of the unarmed hardware. You also need the software training to overcome physiological and psychological resistance to injure/kill another, as anyone can learn strikes, targets, tactics and strategy. If you don’t train unarmed and with weapons and in behavioral engineering to realistically (not in counter-productive, sports-based systems-martial arts/MMA/boxing/self defense) to drop multiple armed attackers within a few seconds or less, you’re wasting your time, money and jeopardizing your life.

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