Real Street Fights Against Larger Attackers? Fight Like A WOMAN!

WW2 “Trench Warfare” Combatives Legend Reveals One Move To Defeat A Bigger, Stronger Attacker In A Real Fight – “Fight Like A WOMAN!”

Look, I don’t consider myself a “tough guy.

But I’ve been studying martial arts and combatives since I was 14.

And… well… let’s just say that I’ve been in my share of fights along the way – whether in my security work… dealing with local gangs in the seedier parts of New Mexico… or just defending myself from a big galoot in a bar.

And when I wasn’t able to talk my way out of a fight…

…there was one move that has ALWAYS worked for me – and ironically it was intended for WOMEN!

Yup, that’s right… in all the times I’ve had to go hands-on with some gorilla who wanted to take my head off, this one “woman’s” fight move has NEVER failed me.

That’s why I want to share with you. . .

My #1, NEVER FAIL, Go-To Fight Move For Real Street Fights!

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

I didn’t invent this fight move.

In fact, it goes all the way back to World War II…

You see, W.E. Fairbairn –  one of the LEGENDS of World War II combatives – described it in his books.

He called it the “chin jab” – but it really isn’t a jab at all.

It’s really a “palm heel strike” that goes up under the chin (and if you want, you can rake your fingers back down the guy’s face – but that’s not how I use it. More on that below…).

Here’s Why Fairbairn Found This One Move So Effective For Close-Quarters Combat “Trench Fighting”…

First of all, this move comes up from UNDER the eye line, so your attacker won’t see it coming like they would a regular “punch”.

But then it jolts the skull back, putting the bad guy off balance.

(Where the head goes, the body goes, you know?)

This gives you the option to follow up with even more powerful blow (like a sweeping roundhouse kick to his quadricep).

It even has the power to (scientifically) knock a guy out with just this one single blow.

And while this one move works pretty well “one-handed” for a strong guy, like the soldiers he designed it for, Fairbairn knew that it would be a lot harder for a woman to use against someone who is usually much bigger and physically stronger than her.

“Hands Off” By WE Fairbairn

For a woman to SNAP a guy’s head back requires more strength than she’d probably have with one hand alone.

So Fairbairn taught a modified chin jab that is done with BOTH hands.

He even showed a variation of the technique on the cover of his book, Hands Off! Self-Defense For Women.

On the cover of the book, …a woman uses an umbrella for leverage.

It’s a beautiful move – especially because it was the favorite of one of the world’s foremost authorities on vicious, efficient, life-or-death combat.

That’s why I use it, too – because if it’s good for a woman, it’s even better for me!

In A Real Fight You Need To End It FAST – Especially Against An Attacker Who’s Much Bigger And Stronger Than You!

For me, I don’t limit myself to using just one hand to (hopefully) make contact and get my attacker back on his heels… when I can use TWO hands to absolutely take his head off!

That’s why Fairbairn taught it for smaller people to take on larger people (women fighting off men) and even included versions for women to use pressure points under the chin to get some dirty old bastard to keep his groping hands to himself! hahahaha

It’s also why, to this day, this one move has NEVER failed me whenever I’ve used it in a fight – even against guys who towered over me!

In fact, in our “Defeat Larger Attackers” program, I even show how to use this technique when you’re getting absolutely destroyed by your attacker (actually even multiple attackers) and turn the odds back in your favor.


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Look… just because some guy is bigger and stronger than you doesn’t mean you can’t beat him!

Fairbairn knew that well… and developed some of the most brutal techniques in the world for life-or-death combat.

All it takes are a few of these moves in your hand-to-hand arsenal and you’ll be amazed at how much confidence it gives you, knowing that you can physically “own” any man stupid enough to get in your face!

What Are Your Best Tips For Defending Against A Street Attack That DOESN’T Require Size Or Strength??

Please Share Your Best Suggestions Below Now…

  • Sounds good to me!
    I used to use this when I was younger. Now I’m 93 and not anywhere as agile as I used to be…………good luck to me……….cause I just can’t run anymore either!

  • Don’t forget to kick him in the nuts while you’re at it! 🙂

  • I believe that strategy plays a huge part in fighting, not just strength and power or even speed.

    People need to use the environment and how to apply techniques and movement. They should be able to use cars, walls, obstacles to their advantage, and know how to identify weapons.

    Those old techniques are simple and solid.

  • Teri Fehl says:

    Thanks for the reminder! This old gal needs them.

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