(Wayback Machine Video) 1 Simple, Easy Fix For Streetfight Knockouts

(Wayback Machine Video) 1 simple, easy fix for streetfight knockouts

The audio is terrible

…the background is a big, blue tarp

…and even “BOB” looks a little embarrassed at the cheeseball production.

But this video – the very FIRST video I ever posted to our YouTube account, twelve years ago

still holds up when it comes to how people SCREW UP throwing an elbow strike by relying on THEORY instead of REALITY.

You probably aren’t making the simple mistake a lot of people DO make with this strike, but if you ARE, it’s an easy fix.

Check it out and see for yourself in our wayback machine version of Warrior Life TV this week.


Just… don’t laugh too much at me from twelve years ago, okay?


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