10 "NO B.S." Reasons Why You "Need" An AR-15

10 “NO B.S.” Reasons Why You “Need” An AR-15

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this one before:

“What the heck do you need an AR-15 for, anyway?”

It’s not just your “gun-grabbing” in-laws who ask this question.

A lot of firearms enthusiasts wonder the same thing…

…especially when the latest mass shooter makes the news.

Well… what do you need an AR-15 for?

Because when you stack America’s most popular modern sporting rifle up against virtually any pistol, it’s just no contest.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m absolutely not saying “pistols are bad.”

What I am saying is that when you go by these 10 critical factors, the AR-15 absolutely comes out on top.

Sure, it’s better to have any gun than no gun…

…but it’s better to have an AR-15 than just about any other gun on the market.

Here are 10 “no B.S.” facts about why the AR-15 reigns as the “king of firearms”… and why we need to keep them legal.

10 “No B.S.” Reasons The AR-15 Must Remain Legal

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • What makes the AR-15 one of the most accurate weapons on the market today.
  • Why the AR-15 is the perfect weapon for smaller shooters.
  • What exactly you need all those rounds in the “large capacity magazine” for.
  • The ONE feature of an AR-15 that makes it harder for active shooters to use.
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Do you own an AR-15? How does it compare to your favorite pistol?

Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…

  • Bulletcatcher says:

    I own both. I have a standard sized AR and a bullpup in 556 and 308. I have 9s, 45s and a 357 revolver. The advantages of the pistols are simply because they are easier to handle when clearing rooms. However, for me, and it’s just my opinion, the 556 bullpup would be my answer to the best.
    It’s more compact, heavier, which reduces recoil, and powerful enough.

  • I own several firearms, both hand guns and long guns…In the corner of my bedroom ready to go is a 5 shot 12 gauge pump shot gun….3 loads of 00 and 2 slugs. This is my first choice.

  • My bedside weapon is a Taurus Judge revolver loaded with five Critical Defense 410 bore shot shells. Each packs a load of brass plated disks and brass plated BB’s and will cut a coyote or person in half at 20 yards. Nearby I have three loaded .45 M1911A1 semi-auto pistols, each with at least three spare magazines.

  • Most of these arguments are general-long-gun vs. pistol, equally applicable to other rifles or even shotguns. And while many of those arguments put a long gun on top for home defense, there’s still the issue of carry for out-of-home defense. Even a pistol openly carried in a quick-draw holster is less threatening to the gun-clueless than a long gun slung on one’s back.

  • Bad DancerJohnny says:

    Musta been a dull week at the ranch to wanna open THIS can of worms…. haha!
    I love ya, but forgive me… the AR-15 doesn’t even make my top 10 list.
    I’ll leave it there before i spend all afternoon debating.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • I have a Full size S&W M&P9mm, 17+1, Hornady CD, w/Mounted Light, under my nightstand-in quick holster.
    Over in the corner 2 steps away – 10in AR with 30-HP’s loaded, 1 in chamber, safety ON, Mounted-Light- Gun Stored Muzzle Down(Grab and go)(An old shirt covering it).
    CRITICAL – BOTH have a mounted Light.
    A Set of ELECTRONIC EAR MUFFS, hanging beside my bed.
    A Hand-held Tac Light “On” my night-stand – Always.
    Also IMPORTANT – I Have shot Both in say 100 Multigun/Combat Competitions – Shoot and move. And still Do. Rain, snow, heat, sleet.
    Motion sensors, cameras, alarms, 2 barking dogs.
    “Leroy”(the Thug), is going to be in trouble-Here.

  • I agree with everything you say. :)) BUT, since I don’t have either $ or desire to get an AR, at 78 yo and with the physical issues accompanying age, I have narrowed down my options to my .38 cal. revolver and my 9mm semi-auto pistol. I am currently qualified with both for my retired LEO concealed carry permit. So for me the discussion centers on what ammo do I put in my handguns. My choices (there may be better ones) are either Hydro-shock HP or 125 grain SJHP hollow points, or semi-wad cutters for the .38; and Federal HST 124 grain HP or Hornady 124 grain XTP for the 9mm. And now that I have successfully opened a different can of worms, to quote S. Connery, “thus endeth the lesson”! LOL

    • Better check Hydro Shocks in your small guns. I had trouble with them hanging up on the Feed Ramp of my S&W Bodyguard 380 – BUG. Hornaday CD – OK.

  • John William Kohring says:

    I live in the Colorado mountains and keep a 12 guage shotgun behind the bedroom door and a .308 rifle in the closet. I don’t favor the .223 because 9 out of 10 times our most frequent night time visitors are black bears.

  • Jeff I agree with you 100%! and AR platform is the easiest weapon to become very proficient with quickly. I have a few ranging from .9mm to 300 Blackout. I keep a Glock 17 loaded in my room and a AR-15 ready in my safe if needed as well as carry a Glock19 or 43. With that being said my wife who was afraid of guns now owns a half dozen herself. She actually wanted my AR-9 and I ended up having to get her her own. She went from being afraid to being very proficient with her AR-9 usually putting silver dollar groups at 25 yards. This is due to exactly everything you mentioned.

  • Drdarknight says:

    Well I prefer my 642 w/crimson trace on the nightstand with a speed loader and a 5″ 300 Bo next to the bed with a shake awake greendot and 800 Lm inforce light.. that is if you get past the 140 Rottweiler first…

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