3 Home Defense "Alternative Weapon" FAILS (+1 guaranteed WIN)
  • 3 Home Defense FAILS (+1 guaranteed WIN)

    I mentioned yesterday just how dangerous things have gotten.
    That includes mobs of people attacking private homes.
    During the pandemic, with everyone at home and lots of people out of work, we also saw a surge in home invasions and burglaries.
    People, naturally, are turning to ways to defend themselves at home.

    But there’s a BIG problem that’s only going to get worse in November…

    …And that is that during every election year, politicians on both sides start talking about gun control.

    That means banning your weapons and further restricting your right to have a gun for self-defense.
    So every election year I start seeing more stuff online about “alternative weapons” for home-defense, especially for people who are afraid their legal guns might get legislated out of existence.
    Here are 3 I’ve seen recommended recently that absolutely DO NOT WORK… and one that almost always does.

    3 Home Defense Weapon FAILS (And The 1 Almost Always Guaranteed To Work)

    1. Baseball Bat

    For some reason, the good ol’ fashioned baseball bat seems to be the go-to “alternative weapon” for a lot of people.
    Maybe it’s our apple-pie American tradition.
    Or maybe it’s just that bats are incredibly common.
    The problem with relying on a baseball bat for home defense, though, is that it’s a loooong club.
    You need a lot of room to use it effectively – which means indoors, in your house, it’s pretty much a no-go.
    Plus, to hit somebody with a bat, you’ve got to wind up first, and that movement telegraphs what you’re doing from a mile away!

    2. Pistol Crossbow

    This is something that people recommend a lot because it’s pretty close to a gun, but cheap and relatively easy to get.
    And yeah, some of these can be really powerful, punching the little bolts through layers of plywood or drywall.
    I sure wouldn’t want to get shot with one.
    The problem is, you get just ONE shot, and then you’re holding a useless weapon that takes “five-ever” (that’s one more than “forever”) to reload!
    If you miss (and under stress, you’re likely to miss 75% of the time when shooting a handgun under stress, much less your Robin Hood crossbow), your home invader has the opening he needs to take you out…
    …and there will be next to nothing you can do about it.

    3. “CIA Dart Launcher”

    You see these for sale all over the place on some of those dodgy apps that sell goods straight from overseas.
    They aren’t real particular about what they ship.
    Well, lately these CIA-style dart launchers hit the market.
    It’s basically a box full of springs that shoots tiny crossbow bolts across the room.
    Supposedly, it’s based on an old spy weapon.
    I’ve seen these recommended as an improvement over pistol crossbows, because you get more than one shot (and the box is small enough to carry in a pocket).
    But these are even LESS accurate than pistol crossbows, because the darts have no fins.

    (You’re just chucking them at the bad guy under spring power).

    Again, I wouldn’t want to get shot with one of these – but there’s no WAY this stops a determined attacker unless you get lucky enough to hit him in the eye.

    (And honestly I don’t like your chances, with no sights and nothing but a button for a “trigger.”)

    What everybody’s dancing around, when they advocate alternative weapons like this, is one simple fact:

    A gun is the most effective home-defense weapon.

    Yes, I’ve had to rely on non-gun weapons myself, such as one of my machetes, when I was living in a state where I couldn’t carry my handgun.
    But the fact is, if you can legally get a gun – or if you already HAVE a legal gun – that is the weapon that’s almost ALWAYS going to protect you in a home invasion.
    (I say “almost” because your tactics matter, too, but weapon for weapon, nothing beats a firearm.)
    But I understand, because I know the reason we’re ALL thinking about “alternative” weapons is that we’re worried about gun bans.
    It happens every election year, and now is worse than ever.
    What that means is that if you want to protect yourself and your family with your LEGAL gun, and you DON’T want your guns taken from you, well…
    …You’ve got to take a few easy steps to make sure they STAY yours.
    The BEST guide to protecting your guns from gun-grabbers – and for legally hiding their very existence from “Big Brother” – is The Patriot’s Guide to (Legally) Hiding Your Guns From the Government.
    You can learn more about it here.
    Just understand, you’re running out of time.
    If you don’t want to be reduced to lobbing spring-loaded darts at some methed-out home-invader with a sawed off shotgun, I suggest you read the book – and do what it says – right NOW.

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