Home Defense Planning - Your 5 Zones Of Home Invasion Survival

MCS 167: Home Defense Zones – Layering Your Defenses To Defeat A Home Invasion

Your home is your castle, right?And the whole purpose of the castle wasn’t just to provide the king and queen a home… but to also make it a stronghold that could withstand an attack by an enemy and keep them safe!

Will YOUR “castle” keep out the enemy?

Especially when it’s a couple of violent home invaders intent on busting through your defenses and terrorizing you and your family?

Well in this week’s podcast episode, I’ll show you how to “layer” your defenses for the ultimate home protection plan – even if you live in an apartment – that allows you to own your battlefield and defeat any infiltrator!

(Plus… I have an extra freebie bonus for you in the show notes you can access right away!)

5 Zones To LAYER Your Home Defense Plan

Home Defense Planning
Is Your Home Defense Plan Set Up This Way?

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • 3 “military words” every homeowner must know to fully understand your battlefield strategy… and create your first layer of defense!
  • Through the eyes of your attacker: How looking at your home in a completely different way can reveal your weakest links and avenues of attack! (I’ll give you specific examples of what to search for… and how to fix them!)
  • 3 simple changes to your doors (even glass ones!) that will buy you valuable time to retreat to your next line of defense!
  • Furniture… hallways… and “fatal funnels”: Mapping out your obstacles and counterattack zones with the eye of an expert security contractor!
  • [Freebie Gift!] How to plan the ultimate “safe-room” that will serve as your last line of defense in a violent home invasion!

You don’t need a moat and a drawbridge to stop a violent home invasion (though that would be pretty cool, eh?!)

These simple layering tactics will give you all you need to “bulletproof” your home and keep you and those you love safe from the thugs of society!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other “Tips” Do You Have For These 5 Home Defense Zones?

Please Share Your Best Home Invasion Defense Ideas Below Now…

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