2 Animals Home Invaders Fear Most. One Is A Dog. But The Other One Is Waaaaaay Scarier!

2 Animals Home Invaders Fear Most. One Is A Dog. But The Other One Is Waaaaaay Scarier!

In talking with convicted home invaders and burglars, studies show that they fear two animals over everything else…

The first is dogs.

A Doberman, Rottweiler or German Shepherd are badass guard dogs and will give any home invader a fight for his life… but their large size can also make them more difficult to handle on a daily basis.

Even smaller, yappy, scrappy dogs can be effective as “early warning devices” lurking outside your home and even after an intruder breaks in, can delay an attack by biting an invader’s lower legs and ankles.

(Note: We have a special section on how to choose a “home defense dog” in our HDT program here…)

But It’s The 2nd “Animal” That Violent Home Invaders Are MOST Afraid Of…

Home Defense Dog

You don’t necessarily need a linebacker of a canine to protect you in your home because there’s one more animal criminals fear even more…

… an armed homeowner!

That’s right… YOU are what criminals fear most.

Of course that means:

  1. You need to be armed
  2. You need to know how to respond tactically to a home invasion

There’s a lot more to it than just owning a gun….

Knowing how to setup your home (interior and exterior) in order to give yourself the tactical advantage…

…as well as how to deal with things like escaping from handcuffs if you’re ambushed and taken prisoner…

…and even how to save your family members if they’re taken hostage in another room.

These are all things you won’t learn down at the range, right?

We show you all the “dirty tricks” to defeating home invaders here…

Don’t get too comfortable just because you think you’re armed and ready.

Your tactics are far more important than the model of gun you choose and the ammo you stick in it.

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