3 Home Defense Survival Tactics To Survive A Home Invasion

3 Home Defense Survival Lessons You Should Learn From This Couple’s Home Invasion Nightmare!

Imagine being tied up and helpless…

Watching 3 thugs hauling your wife out of the room…

While she’s sobbing…

…and you don’t know what they’re about to do to her.

You desperately try to think of something (anything!) you could do to save her and end this nightmare.

The ropes around your wrist are so tight, they’re cutting off circulation… and your gun might as well be a thousand miles away because you can’t get to it.

This scenario is more common than you might think – and here is…

One Couple’s Home Invasion Nightmare – And How They Survived!

Home Invasion Nightmare: How To Stop Home Invaders
Home Invasion Nightmare: How To Stop Home Invaders

A home invasion is every couple’s worst nightmare.

It became one husband and wife’s reality in Lakewood, Washington when three armed thugs forced their way into their home.

The home invaders pistol-whipped the husband and pulled his wife naked out of the bathtub, slashing her with a knife and then tying up the couple on the floor.

It’s very likely that rape and murder were on the menu that night as the gang members searched the home for loot…

…and the husband’s legal pistol was hidden away in the couple’s bedroom.

Fortunately, the husband was able to free himself while the thugs weren’t paying attention, planning their next move with the couple.

Freeing his wife, the husband ran to the bedroom and got his gun.

He killed one of the invaders as they tried to batter down the bedroom door.

That was enough to drive off the others… and narrowly avert disaster for this traumatized couple.

But while this story has a happy ending, it could have turned out very, very badly.

3 Life-Or-Death Home Invasion Lessons

There are basically 3 takeaways from this story that are just the beginning of what you and your family need to know to survive a home invasion:

1. Don’t be tricked.

This invasion started with a knock on the door.

You may think no one would be “stupid” enough to open a front door when 3 men are standing outside, but home invaders are very clever.

2. Know where to hide your gun.

The #1 best place to hide your gun at home is on your person in a concealed holster.

Home invasions are typically ambushes.

You won’t have time to go get your gun from where it is stored in a bedside drawer or safe.

3. Know how to escape!

If you were tied up with rope or bound with duct tape, would you know how to escape?

Home invaders know better than to let you fight back against them should they start to touch your wife.

That’s why they’ll likely beat you and tie you up or handcuff you so they have full control over whatever they want to do.

Remember, home invasions are NOT about taking your t.v. and cash – they’re about control and brutal violence, plain and simple.

Trying to bribe your attackers or just telling them to take whatever they want and leave won’t have any effect on them.

They’re there to watch you beg and suffer in the most horrible ways you can imagine.

Don’t wait until you’re staring down the barrel of an attacker’s gun!

You need to prepare now… and that’s why I want you to see the ultimate “home invasion survival program”!

It covers a ton of sneaky tactics and strategies I’ve never seen anywhere else.

This information will explain to you the many MORE lessons we can learn from actual home invasions… and set you up so you NEVER have to go through what this couple did!

Frankly, the odds are stacked against you in a home invasion.

You’ll need every trick you can get your hands on to survive and protect those you love.

This home defense information will give you what you need.

Be safe out there!

What Other Home Defense Tips Can You Take Away From This Home Invasion Story?

Please Share Your Best Home Defense Tactics Below Now…

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