MCS 241 - Danger At The Door: Tactics For Defeating A Home Invasion

MCS 241 – Danger At The Door: Tactics For Defeating A Home Invasion

Here’s a quick tactical quiz for you…

You hear a knock at your door.  You’re most likely to open it if the person says:

a. “I have a delivery I need you to sign for.”

b. “I’m so sorry. I just backed into your car outside.”

c. “I think I just hit a dog and I’m looking for the owner.”

While you may not feel that you’d open the door for ANY of these “stranger danger” lines, the reality is that most people WILL open the door to ALL of these creative ploys.

Maybe that’s why a home invader’s #1 most targeted access point to invade your home ISN’T breaking into a window on the side of your house… or even your back door.

The simplest and easiest way to ambush you and your family in your own home is right there… at your front door!

That’s why, in this week’s podcast episode, we’re going to make a determined stand to defeat them right then and there… with the tactics that will be shared with us by Jacob Paulsen.


Home Invasion Defense Tactics
Life-Or-Death Home Defense Tactical Training!


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Critical steps you can take NOW to harden your home’s perimeter!
  • Where to hide home defense weapons for a fast-action counterattack!
  • The RIGHT way to answer your front door when there’s a stranger on the other side! (Make sure your spouse and kids know this too!)
  • FIGHTING BACK! Counter-ambush tactics for close-quarters “fatal funnels”!
  • A fast and easy “home defense drill” you can use TODAY to be better prepared against a violent home invasion!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that simply “owning” a gun is all you need to defeat a home invader. Check out these powerful home defense tactics and fine-tune your training today.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What OTHER Home Defense Tactics Will Help Defeat A Home Invasion?

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