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How To Secretly “Practice” Your Night Time Home Invasion Tactics (Even If Your Spouse Hates Guns!)

Jeff AndersonRecently I was talking with my buddy and expert firearms instructor, EJ Owens, about the topic of “Surviving A Night Time Home Invasion.”

Being a “family man” like me, EJ takes this stuff dead-seriously and takes a real no-nonsense approach to preparing for this crime.

He knows that the mind-set of the “night” home invader is completely different than the daytime burglar – and he’s more sadistic!

Unfortunately, a night home invasion isn’t something most people practice for because… well… it’s a NIGHT first of all.

But that’s no excuse to prepare if you really value your family’s lives, so here’s…

How To Rehearse For A Night-Time Home Invasion (Even If Your Spouse Hates Guns!)

Practicing Night Home Invasion Tactics

I know that there are many of you out there (like me) whose spouse isn’t completely “on board” with the steps you take to keep them safe.

That’s why YOU are the “Protector” of the family, right?

Well one of the strategies EJ talks about is simply walking through your home in the late night hours (when everything is quite) with all the lights off.

But instead of being “you”, you instead walk around with the mind-set of some sadistic, perverted psychopath!

You need to really get your head into what you would want to do to “the family” that lives in your home – and more importantly – HOW you would attack them.

Where would you walk?  Where would you hide?  Where are the lightest and the darkest areas of the home?  Can you tell which room is where the children are?  The master bedroom?  Is the door open?  What sounds do you hear?

Here’s why this works so well for surviving a home invasion…

By thinking like a home invader instead of yourself, you begin to FEEL the “danger spots” in your own home – where you (as the predator) find you’re the most vulnerable.

What you’ll find is that the areas of your home where you feel the most threat as a “home invader”… will be your BEST defense advantages as “you” should you ever be forced to engage an attacker to save your loved ones.

For example…

Maybe you notice that there’s a long hallway where – if you’re caught by the homeowner with a gun – you would be a sitting duck?

THAT becomes your home defense “fatal funnel”!

Perhaps you notice that the nightlight near the bedrooms shines right in your eyes as you make your way to your “victims”?

THAT tells you that an intruder probably can’t see you as you peek out around your door!

Does the master bedroom door open in a way that you can’t see the majority of the room until it’s all the way open?

THAT tells you that you’ll have the element of surprise as an attacker comes through the door because he has to scan a much larger area all at once! 

Get the picture?

Just a 180 degree shift in role-playing can become a MAJOR transformation in how you put your home defense plan together for a night-time attack.

Of course there’s a LOT more that you need to know in how to survive a home invasion (day or night).

And EJ has one of the best programs I’ve ever seen.

He’s a “no b.s.” kind of guy and tells it like it is – but I like that.

He’s a “family man” just like me (with a wife and 3 kids) and takes home defense seriously.

As a special favor for me, EJ’s hooked you up with a special deal on his complete “home invasion survival video course”.

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