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NJ Home Invasion Caught On Nanny-Cam (WARNING – Graphic!)

I’m warning you… the video you’re about to see is very graphic (I’m even surprised they aired it on the news).

But I feel you really must watch it because it reveals the true difference between a “burglar” and a violent home invader.

Knowing this critical difference will prepare you mentally and tactically for how to survive a violent home invasion if you’re ever attacked like this woman.

If you have small children (or grandchildren) near you right now, ask them to leave the room and click “Play” on the video below.

Watching this video could literally save your life (and theirs!) one day…

Millburn, NJ Home Invasion Caught On Camera

I know…

… personally, I can’t get through this video without wanting to jump through my computer and teach this scumbag a lesson!

But besides, infuriating me… it’s scares the living sh*t out of me!


Because like the husband in this video, I realize that I can’t always be at home to protect my wife and my kids if some gangbanger (and his buddies!) come crashing through my front door.

Frankly, my wife doesn’t like guns and refuses to “own” one.

I know, I know! Trust me… I’ve tried talking ’till I’m blue in the face and she just doesn’t understand the threats you and I know are out there.

That’s why I want to tell you EXACTLY what I do to protect them – whether I’m there or not – so…

Here Are 3 Home Invasion Survival Tips You Can Use Right Now…

1. Know Your Enemy

We must first start with your best “home defense weapon”… your MIND…

What you must understand is that home invaders are NOT like any other type of criminal.

They’re not your typical type of “street criminal” who’s looking to score a few bucks.

This woman was home watching cartoons with her young daughter when this man broke in with no fear… no mercy… no remorse.

Her attacker didn’t care that her young daughter was sitting on the couch watching her mother get beaten in front of her very eyes.

He took his time walking through the house for valuables and stopped only to punch and kick the woman more to exert his power and control.

I know it’s hard to imagine your own family being assaulted so violently like this… but trust me, it could have been FAR worse – and THAT is what you have to be prepared for my friend!

2. Weapons, Weapons, WEAPONS!

I’m not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that this woman could fight back against this attacker twice her size.

Some could… but obviously, that wasn’t the case here.

But something is better than nothing and making sure there are some alternative weapons available within your home – things like easy-to-access knives in the kitchen, a baseball bat, or Tazer – could be a life-saver.

The problem is, I even think that if the mother in this video were armed with a carving knife from her kitchen, this guy would see the fear in her eyes and easily risk getting cut just to rip the knife from her trembling hands and stab her with it as “payback” for even daring to kill him!

Now, you and I both know that a firearm is the ultimate equalizer when it comes to defending yourself, right?

And obviously this woman didn’t have a gun on her person – or she would have used it.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t STILL be armed with some firepower – even if she doesn’t like guns.

Which brings me to…

3. Plan Out The Ultimate “Safe Room” To Retreat To

Forget trying to take the battle to the home invader if you can avoid it.

It’s almost always a far safer and more effective tactic to retreat to what’s known as a “safe room” within your house that allows you to barricade yourself from the danger and call 9-1-1 for help.

Now, I’m not talking about an expensive metal vault like in the Jodie Foster movie, “Panic Room”.

You don’t need to go that far.

But it IS critical for you to know which room will work best for this purpose… how to strengthen it as a barrier… and what supplies to store in there (right now) that will help you protect yourself and those you love while hunkered down.

I can’t stress enough home very critical it is to plan out your safe room – the RIGHT WAY – to survive such a horrific, violent attack.

For the sake of those you love – whether you’re there to protect them or not – take action right away.

What Other Home Invasion Survival Tips Can You Offer Based On This Video?

Please Share Your Best Home Defense Tactics Below Now…

  • I am so thankful that the children were not harmed physically in this senseless, brutal attack. I do agree with you that this is NOT a racial issue, this is a home invasion! It is a brutal, demeaning CRIME. It does not matter if the perp is Black, White, Asian, Latino, whatever. If anyone breaks into your home, whether you are present or not you lose your sense of security and well being.

    No one, in ANY neighborhood should ever have to endure what this woman and her daughter went through. I sincerely hope that this animal is caught and gets the full and just punishment he so rightly deserves.

    • As in how we deal with ‘mad dogs’ with no mercy and zero compassion.

  • Edward Jones says:

    It’s sad that things like this happen on a daily basis but even worse is the fact that no one is prepared for such an attack. Everyone thinks that this could never happen to them, well think again. You could be the very next target. So I urge all of you who are viewing this vidio to please prepare yourself and your family for such an event should it happen. Better safe then sorry.

  • Such a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Fortunately, they caught the SOB!
    There has been talk on other sites that “Had she had a gun…” Yes things might have been different. I carry 90% of the time. There’s a YouTube video regarding the ban of High Capacity Magazines that relates to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F1nPSNnaBo&feature=player_embedded

    • If she had a gun, even on her, she would probable be dead. You can tell she was in no state of mind to defend herself. The fact that she didn’t even have the wherewithal to defend her child (natural instinct) is alarming and only proves how far from nature we have drifted.
      This is why I train my entire family on how to protect themselves and it’s something that needs to be instilled into the psyche.

      • What in the world makes you think she did not even try to protect her child???? Was she supposed to turn into Superwoman? That b!@^!%# was much bigger than she and was a complete raging beast. She did not have a chance to defend anyone. We all need to keep our doors locked, keep a gun in the house, and when we hear someone trying to get into the house unlawfully, get the gun and shoot the bum. The only problem with that is then the law takes your gun and leaves you unprotected until they get through with the gun being tested etc. If they get through with it and don’t try to take you to court for shooting the person committing the crime.

  • Danofive0 says:

    Again Arm yourself. And have your Gun with you 24/7 365. When anything happens have your GUN with you. And act. If they are in your home. Shoot to kill. Then call the Cops. Put your gun away. And when the Cops get to you. SAY NOTHING. BUT. I WAS IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE. I WANT A LAWYER. SAY NO MORE UNTIL YOU HAVE ONE. DO NOT TALK TO THE COPS. JUST SHUT UP UNTIL YOU HAVE A LAWYER WITH YOU. The cops are NOT on your side. Taking bets this SOB has a record a mile long. But on the street. I hope she will be ok…Be ready. Not sorry!

  • That poor lady! I took Tim’s course. I wish she would have taken it too. That home invader left lots of targets open on many occasions – especially testicles, shins and knees. Some knowledge and focus may have helped her. People need to acknowledge such violence is random and is carried out without mercy. Any of us could be next and we need to learn to react effectively for our sake and our family’s sake.

  • This kind of thing makes me madder than a wet hornet. Only a coward would do such a thing. The only thing that (might) have helped was having a gun in the home. A gun does no good if the gun owner is unwilling or unable to use it. Then too, if gun laws are so strict in an area that people are not allowed to protect themselves which is unconscionable then more of this criminal activity will happen. However, remember folks, it is better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6.

  • Good afternoon all, this same day of this incident my girlfriends roomate came home to find a thief would had been stealing for almost a year in the apartment building in her apartment red handed. Luckily he didn’t pose any threat because he was a small 4 foot 90 lb 16 year old child . Also HE WAS OUR NEIGHBORS SON. He never ran and was arrested. So lucky this didn’t turn out worse. She had a child with her as well. Jeff you say not to say anything racists and I won’t BUT these types of crimes are almost always racially motivated . I grew up in and still live in NYC a neighborhood that speaks to this fact . I truly believe what you sell it’s why I purchased street fighting uncaged . And as soon as possible I will purchase hard core fighting secerts . You here about things like this too much and even worse . Everyone needs to learn to protect themselves in a ruthless manor otherwise we become victims .

    • Thanks for sharing your story Mike, and thanks for your comments. You’re absolutely right about people needing to know how to protect themselves in a ruthless manner. It’s such a big challenge to think like these scumbags because most of us didn’t grow up the way that they did. We work and earn what we get while they’ve learned that taking what they want – by any means necessary – is how you “get” in life. The truly vicious predator has scarred over his emotions realizing that mercy is for the week and the poor while having no mercy is what makes you feel powerful and “rich”.

      Truly, in order to defeat this type of asocial waste of oxygen, we must learn to think and fight back with the same level of viciousness. Not that you have to walk around dragging your knuckles and beating up nuns and puppies… but you must be able to flip the switch inside that calls up your instinctual caveman in a controlled manner and respond with overwhelming might. Add to that, “techniques”… and they don’t have a chance.

  • I want to know why this animal was still on the streets with TWELVE prior FELONY convictions!!

    This is the reality we live in. The government will NOT protect you and your family from evil predators like this.


  • There’s a loaded gun within 10 feet or less in every room in our house that we spend any amount of time in. (No kids)Any sound of a door getting kicked in will be followed by gunfire very quickly. The plainly advertised alarm system in the house “may” deter the lesser evil people, but a clown like this SOB might even ignore that. So, indeed, if you’re not completely prepared in all aspects, you can wind up like this, or worse.

  • He can’t say” oh I had a rough home life” ” I am starving and need money” “He can’t even say that this was caused by being on drugs”.
    I feel terrible for this family. This makes me wish the attacker gets put to death and whoever does so will not get punished for it.

    • Agree 100%

      This guy grew up, no prison will ever change his animal attitude.


  • this is a reminder we can’t ever let our guard down, the price of liberty is the eternal vigilance, and everyone should take a course in self defense or weapons handling, thanks our beloved god this didn’t become deadly…we must always protect ourselves and our family , and be ready for it…hope she’s doing good…

  • “I feel so strongly that this is the ultimate home invasion survival program that I’ll do anything to get it into your hands – I have a responsibility to you to do all I can.”
    Then why do you charge $56? Seem a bit steep to me!

    • Hey, Bill Would you sell your wife or daughter for $60.00? If 56 is too much for a method of protecting them then you must not value them very highly.

    • You’re right Bill. Contact our support team and tell them how much your family’s life is worth and we’ll make a special deal for you, ok?

      Sorry to be so sarcastic, but I get tired of people who whine about paying for good quality information, especially when it’s information that could save you from a trip to the morgue to identify your wife or child. Think about it… if just one single tip from our program was all you needed to save your life, would you be whining about the price then? How much would it have been worth? I don’t know about you, but I’d give every last cent I have on this Earth if it would save my 11 y.o. son’s life in a violent crime like this. Every cent.

      Fortunately for you, we’re not asking you for your last cent. We keep our programs extremely reasonably priced and you even get a freakin’ 1 year guarantee! (I know it says 60 days, but it just hasn’t been changed.) Don’t like it? Send it back and it cost you nothing. Try bringing home a book from Barnes & Noble and returning it a year later because you didn’t like it.

      Not sure what more I can do for you Bill.

  • this is the main reason why “WE THE PEOPLE” should fight for the right to keep and bear arms. if this young lady would have been well trained and ready, we would have been feeling sorry for the attacker (all though i would have not).

  • Hi Silas and others. I am a martial arts sensei with 43 years experience (many styles,) teach CCW and tactical handguns. I will say this, Silas, keeping 10 guns around the house is a very bad idea. If you are caught by surprise (and I know very trained, very tough ex Special Ops guys who have been) the perp will have access to 10 guns! If you think they don’t know where to look, think again. If you have them locked away, they will do you no good. The absolute best weapon against home invasion is a great watchdog! Nothing in our humanly power beats one. Home invaders will avoid homes with dogs in them (even little ones) because dogs take away the element of surprise (they hear way beyond our capabilities and usually always let you know.) If you get a serious guard dog, make sure you are trained for safety so that the dog doesn’t attack non-perps. In most cases, stats reveal, that a medium to large size dog with “protective tendencies” are the best to have. At the very least, a dog will give you time to react. As for the guns, too much to go into here, but they are simply a tool that YOU must know how to use to near expert levels, otherwise, they can and will be used against you (stats you don’t hear about.) I know a cop who was shot in the head with her own Glock that sat in a thumb release holster. Nothing is fail safe…

    • I whole heartedly agree; a watch dog is one of the best means of preventing a home invasion. Heavy doors, deadbolt locks, and strike plates to prevent a forced entry are essential as well. One must prevent the invasion before it starts, because due to the element of surprise, most people will not have enough time mount a sufficient defense in time.
      Due to the difference in size and strength, even if this woman was a Krav Maga instructor, she would never have had a chance against this barbarian. Only solid doors with solid locks and strike plates and a dog would have saved her.
      Keep the home invader outside and he or she has no opportunity to savagely assault you in the first place.

      • I have to disagree Marc whenyou say she would never have had a chance against this man for example nails straight into eyes…a man who can’t see can’t fight also grab and try to tear off his balls, that incapacitates any man including Mike Tyson! There many ways to defend oneself I have done it against individuals and gangs, the best you can do is get the training, keep it simple and go at it hard and fast.

  • I don’t think that having a gun would have helped this woman. She was not, in any way, prepared for this. She did not have the mind set for this event. I don’t think she could have defended herself if she had a gun in her hand. What she needed was some good mindset training and a couple of good, and practised, self-defence moves.


  • Martin Johnson says:

    Remove an eye from it’s socket. Break an ear drum with a cupped hand. Drive his nose back into his defected brain with the heel of your hand. Bite a piece of his neck out so he pisses blood. Drive your thumb deep into his nose to the nuckle. Do something and then do something more until he is not breathing. Then go find your gun and empty the clip in his face. The gun is my backup choice, my hands and body are always locked and loaded. What a world we now live in. What the hell happen? Defend from them because they are coming.Be prepaired to take action every moment of your life. My wife thinks I’m way overboard in my thinking. I know I’m right on target.

  • The video was very real and graphic.I felt a rage against the attacker and wished the lady would have defended herself. This demented jerk needs as much pain inflicted on him as possible.

  • This pathetic piece of crap needs to have his crap handed to him. These type of people are growing in numbers. And though it is nice to have a gun at home, as you see in this case, it would not have been any help. Learn to take care of yourself people. I learned in the military (special forces) and It has paid off in spades a few times in life. Once to protect my daughter. Do you know how it would have been had I had the crap kicked out of me in front of her. As a husband and a father, I had better be able to take care of my own family. No one else will. And if today’s criminal has a chance, the results can be worse.

    • Had she hidden a weapon in that coffee table or a couch cushion, that attacker would have been blown away and bled out at her feet. Her daughter would have had a VERY different scene play out in front of her!

  • Sifu John Reaves says:

    As a martial Arts instructor of 43 years (Kajukempo Hung Gar Kungfu)and 87 years young, I feel the helpless rage that such an unfeeling animal was even out on the streets. Since becoming a nation of ‘sheeple’, we have put our safety in the hands of ‘the law’ and 9-1-1. There isn’t enough time to wait for a rescuing response. As pointed out by many on this page, we must be alert and ready to respond at the first hint of trouble. Learning to fight is a “mindset” that can take years to master. Some training is better than none – so I recommend you should start with this course. I would also direct your attention to the crowd funding site “indiegogo.com/technology for a unique fund seeking product (inline, back of hand mounted (ala Ironman ) “FIREYES Defense pepper spray harness” that can level the field against an attacker. At least check it out and contribute – we’re not in competition – this product is a ‘bridge’ between a gun, and none.

  • Who can guess who makes everyone’s life harder today. The politicians or the crooks. Anyone? Every day you wake up and see some politician crying over profiling terrorists’ or some crook and having a violin playing pity party for them. Now we can’t display terrorist pictures on the side of a bus? because it’s somehow racist. But no! what do we do? We have a 19 year old in jail because of a comment that apparently wasn’t even stated In a manner that showed real intent. And someone from Canada reported it? And he is looking at serious time. But wait! We will protect the terrorist reputation and feelings though! We are all cooked, all they have to do is stick a fork in us. Who would have thought that common sense would be so rare and more priceless than gold. Bet the guy gets easy time. So sad and pitiful.

  • Thank you Jeff for bringing issues like this to our attention.

    Just like YOU, I strongly believe that people should be prepared for violent way of things. Even if one day we could eliminate all assholes like this.

  • If one is under this type of assault and the attacker has gotten the complete upper hand, one can employ the tactic that Bruce Lee used during the ice mill fight in “Enter the Dragon.” His attacker had him face down in a large puddle of water and was drowning him. Bruce Lee could not get out of his grip and he was doomed. So he played dead, leading his attacker to let him go and cease from the attack. When he turned his back on Lee, Lee sprung into action and counter attacked, finally defeating him.
    Play unconscious or dead, wait for an opportunity, then attack or run, whichever makes more sense in that situation. Psychological self defense is just as powerful as physical self defense.


  • One thing I learned many years ago was to always be aware of multiple items in any area where I am that could be used as a weapon, broom handle, Rolling Pin, Lamp, Cane, Books thrown, until I can get to my pistol.

  • Paul Walraven says:

    The truly sad thing about cases like this is somewhere there is an attorney that will be more than happy to represent this thug and sue the poor woman for putting bruises on his fists and feet. Even sadder is that the direction this country is going….most will win. Please take the information that SURVIVAL is training us for seriously and PREPARE and BEWARE! God help us all.

  • Paul Walraven says:

    Just a quick follow up, I think we should have a fund raiser for our brother Bill and send him the $56 bucks to pay for the ER visit charges he will incur if he or a family member is attacked or he could use it to pay for a casket if the worst happened. Oh wait, in either case that will run into the thousands, sorry Bill, you’re on your own man. (smiling)

  • captain mike says:

    Excellent example of lack of mindset and training. This attacker was crude and expected no resistance. She was also fortunate that his goal was only burglary, not phyical harm for its own sake, but that should be your assumption. A single counterattack could have been all it took to turn the tide, and in this scenario no level of response would be unjustfied. The victim’s response was to retreat and cringe. Young children should be taught to flee for help, not wait for their turn to be harmed.

  • This is why every member of my family are fully trained in the proper and effective use of firearms, knives, bats, and makeshift weapons (e.g. a rolled up magazine) – many of which are strategically placed all over our home – as well as hand-to-hand combat techniques which I have taught them personally. I also teach them to be constantly aware of their surroundings and pick up on body language cues from others which may indicate impending attack. We are all as ready as anyone can be for whatever may come. I understand and applaud your efforts to train others for when the SHTF.

  • This man is definately a coward.He did not have to give this woman a beating.He could have just lock her up in the cellar, that he threw her down anyway.DO NOT GET A GUN UNLESS YOU GET TRAINED TO USE AND MENTALY ARE PREPARE TO USE. This type of situations are at best very difficult to prepare for Unless you have trained and are proficient with a firearm or other type of defensive weapon. I have trained in knife fighting for the better part of 30 years,I always carry some type of knife with me.I wiil not let an attacker know I have a knife till is to late for him. Just get training 1st.

  • This guy is not only a punk, but fits into a category thugs that our country is raising now days. WE are a country without morals, and this is what happens. PEOPLE, wake up. An alarm system is worthless if it does not give you warning ahead of time. This should be proof enough. If this shit brain pussy would have broke in my house, i have a 190 lb dog that would have heard him at the gate alarm. The fat bitch may be able to whoop on a woman, but see how he handles having his bee bee sized balls groped by a set of K-9’s. Secure your doors and windows, get a system that gets you an early alert.

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