NJ Home Invasion Caught On Nanny-Cam (WARNING - Graphic!)

NJ Home Invasion Caught On Nanny-Cam (WARNING – Graphic!)

I’m warning you… the video you’re about to see is very graphic (I’m even surprised they aired it on the news).

But I feel you really must watch it because it reveals the true difference between a “burglar” and a violent home invader.

Knowing this critical difference will prepare you mentally and tactically for how to survive a violent home invasion if you’re ever attacked like this woman.

If you have small children (or grandchildren) near you right now, ask them to leave the room and click “Play” on the video below.

Watching this video could literally save your life (and theirs!) one day…

Millburn, NJ Home Invasion Caught On Camera

I know…

… personally, I can’t get through this video without wanting to jump through my computer and teach this scumbag a lesson!

But besides, infuriating me… it’s scares the living sh*t out of me!


Because like the husband in this video, I realize that I can’t always be at home to protect my wife and my kids if some gangbanger (and his buddies!) come crashing through my front door.

Frankly, my wife doesn’t like guns and refuses to “own” one.

I know, I know! Trust me… I’ve tried talking ’till I’m blue in the face and she just doesn’t understand the threats you and I know are out there.

That’s why I want to tell you EXACTLY what I do to protect them – whether I’m there or not – so…

Here Are 3 Home Invasion Survival Tips You Can Use Right Now…

1. Know Your Enemy

We must first start with your best “home defense weapon”… your MIND…

What you must understand is that home invaders are NOT like any other type of criminal.

They’re not your typical type of “street criminal” who’s looking to score a few bucks.

This woman was home watching cartoons with her young daughter when this man broke in with no fear… no mercy… no remorse.

Her attacker didn’t care that her young daughter was sitting on the couch watching her mother get beaten in front of her very eyes.

He took his time walking through the house for valuables and stopped only to punch and kick the woman more to exert his power and control.

I know it’s hard to imagine your own family being assaulted so violently like this… but trust me, it could have been FAR worse – and THAT is what you have to be prepared for my friend!

2. Weapons, Weapons, WEAPONS!

I’m not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that this woman could fight back against this attacker twice her size.

Some could… but obviously, that wasn’t the case here.

But something is better than nothing and making sure there are some alternative weapons available within your home – things like easy-to-access knives in the kitchen, a baseball bat, or Tazer – could be a life-saver.

The problem is, I even think that if the mother in this video were armed with a carving knife from her kitchen, this guy would see the fear in her eyes and easily risk getting cut just to rip the knife from her trembling hands and stab her with it as “payback” for even daring to kill him!

Now, you and I both know that a firearm is the ultimate equalizer when it comes to defending yourself, right?

And obviously this woman didn’t have a gun on her person – or she would have used it.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t STILL be armed with some firepower – even if she doesn’t like guns.

Which brings me to…

3. Plan Out The Ultimate “Safe Room” To Retreat To

Forget trying to take the battle to the home invader if you can avoid it.

It’s almost always a far safer and more effective tactic to retreat to what’s known as a “safe room” within your house that allows you to barricade yourself from the danger and call 9-1-1 for help.

Now, I’m not talking about an expensive metal vault like in the Jodie Foster movie, “Panic Room”.

You don’t need to go that far.

But it IS critical for you to know which room will work best for this purpose… how to strengthen it as a barrier… and what supplies to store in there (right now) that will help you protect yourself and those you love while hunkered down.

I can’t stress enough home very critical it is to plan out your safe room – the RIGHT WAY – to survive such a horrific, violent attack.

For the sake of those you love – whether you’re there to protect them or not – take action right away.

What Other Home Invasion Survival Tips Can You Offer Based On This Video?

Please Share Your Best Home Defense Tactics Below Now…

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