(Video) What To Do With Your Wife When Facing A Nighttime Home Invader!

(Video) What To Do With Your Wife When Facing A Nighttime Home Invader!

“Honey! Honey! I heard a noise!”

It’s 2am and you were fast asleep in your bed when you’re woken by your spouse, frantically shaking you in a panic.

Startled, you ask her what’s going on…

“There’s someone downstairs!”

Suddenly you hear the sound of glass hitting your kitchen floor and the muffled voices of two men.

You jump out of bed – now wide awake – and grab your pistol from its “just in case” resting area while telling your wife to dial 911 from her cell phone.

But you’re not waiting for the cops who could show up far too late to save you… and besides, the kids are down the hall.

The question is…

(Video) What Do You Do With Your Wife
When Facing A Nighttime Home Invader?

(Note: This Is An Excerpt From EJ Owens’ Tactical Home Defense Video.
To view the entire tactical home defense video collection, click here…)

The fact is, surviving a home invasion is about more than just owning a gun.

It’s about the tactics you employ to face the threat… and survive!

My buddy, EJ Owens, has an entire home defense tactics video course that shows every aspect of how to defeat the most violent home invaders.

These are the guys who aren’t just out for your TV or a few pieces of jewelry to pawn for some drugs.

Nighttime home invaders are looking for fun… thrills… power… and perhaps even rape and torture.

Sorry to say it, but it’s true.

That’s why they attack NOT when you’re away at work… but when you and your family are at HOME… and vulnerable.

Yes, you need a gun to defeat this type of sadistic criminal.

But more importantly, you need to know how to gain the tactical advantage in a violent home invasion and I highly recommend you watch his videos now…

You never know when you and your family will be victimized.

The only thing you can count on is if you will be ready when it happens.

THAT, my friend, is all up to you.

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