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MCS Podcast #102: Defeating Larger Attackers With Avi Nardia

It’s probably the #1 most asked question in the self-defense world…

“How can I defend myself if my attacker is bigger and stronger than me?”

Well before we get into the tactics and techniques for defeating someone twice your size, you must first understand that – while justifiably a bad situation NO ONE wants to find themselves in – the first “enemy” you must defeat is… your mind!

Yes, you CAN completely destroy any man no matter how much bigger or stronger they are than you… and this extended broadcast from our ISCQC archives with Avi Nardia (nearly 2-hours of training!) will reveal some key strategies you can use right away!

Israeli Combatives To Defeat Larger Attackers


Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • How to use your attacker’s size and strength AGAINST him! (It’s a lot easier than you think!)
  • Forget the complicated martial arts techniques that will take you months or years to perfect – these down & dirty tactics will shock your attacker and make you the victor!
  • GROUNDFIGHT!  What happens when you hit the pavement and your attacker is ready to make you part of the road permanently!
  • Training drills! How to practice for a real street fight against larger attackers!

No matter how small you may be, you can still have the advantage in an attacker – even if your attacker thinks he “owns you” due to his size and strength.

What Other Tactics Do You Recommend For Defeating Larger Attackers In A Real Street Fight?

Please Share Your Combatives Tips Below Now…

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