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Multiple Attacker Street Fight Attack: 57 Y.O. NASCAR Driver vs. 3 “Parking Lot Thugs”

Mike Wallace was no match for the three men …

While he as relatively fit as a professional NASCAR driver, the three drunken men in the concert hall parking lot overwhelmed him in a flash.

As Mike hit the ground, he blacked out.

His daughter did the best she could to keep the men from continuing their assault – until they turned on her

Taken to the ground, she screamed for help.

She screamed and pleaded for help as they repeatedly kicked her in the ribs while trying to protect herself on the ground.

No help came.

No police were around to protect them… no other concert-goers had the nerve to step in and stop the beating… and Mike, lying unconscious on the pavement, was completely unable to protect her as the men repeatedly kicked her in the ribs as “punishment” for trying to help her father.

And while anyone could find themselves in Wallace’s shoes- victimized by an unprovoked attack from booze-and-adrenaline-fueled parking lot thugs – it begs the question…

What Would YOU Do If Ambushed With Your Family By Violent Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight?

Multiple Attacker Street Fight Self Defense

Wallace wasn’t “looking for trouble”

What started out as a pleasant evening with his wife and daughter at a Rascal Flatts concert took a wrong turn as they passed by three drunks screaming and cursing from the back of their pickup truck.

Mike asked them “what was going on” and that was all it took to trigger the men to jump out of the truck and attack the family.

Wallace told his story of the brutal beat-down:

“They tell me (the attack) was about 15 minutes from start to the finish.  I only remember the first few seconds of it. When I woke up, I see my daughter laying on the ground, which is devastating to a father.  That’s the worst thing in the world.”

At that moment of the attack, the only thing standing between the 3 adrenaline-charged drunks and his wife and daughter… was him… his hands… and the skill to destroy three men before they could send them all to the hospital – or worse.

Here Are 3 Multiple Attacker “Street Fight” Self-Defense Tips Should YOU Or Your Family Ever Come Face-To-Face With A Group Of Thugs And Have No Way Out…

Mike wasn’t some martial arts expert.

Hell, even if he’d had a gun, there was no time to draw a weapon before he was struck by the 3 men.

But excuses won’t keep you and your family alive when it’s one vs 3 – and there are some “hard lessons” you need to look at now to prepare…

1.  Don’t Fight All Your Attackers At Once

Only in Jackie Chan movies can someone punch or kick 2 guys at the same time.

When in hand-to-hand fight against multiple aggressors, you should only fight one person at a time.

That’s not always the “leader” of the group (like some martial arts gurus say).

It may be the one whose guard is down and closest to you – allowing you to…

2.  Take Your Target Out Quickly

You don’t want to be locked up with any one attacker for more than 1 or 2 strikes.

Any more than that and you can bet that his buddies are going to eventually get in a solid shot or take you to the ground for a brutal beat-down.

“Punching” (like most people do)… or trying some fancy “mixed martial arts” move to take them to the ground… will only work against you.

You need to use equally brutal moves that will completely take the guy in front of you out of the fight for good.

Seeing their friend gagging, screaming, or unconscious on the ground may be enough to stop the others in their tracks.

But if not, you’re at least down 1 less attacker… and ready to use the same moves on the next idiot stupid enough to mess with you…

3.  Train Those You Love To Protect Themselves

This is typically the hardest thing to accomplish, isn’t it?

Maybe your spouse and kids don’t have the same “survival mind-set” you do… or maybe they (and you) don’t think they’re strong enough to defend themselves.

The fact is, you don’t have to be “big and strong” to completely destroy a man even twice your size.

In fact, there are moves so simple… so devastating… and so easy to learn, that Wallace’s daughter may have even been able to fight back herself instead of laying on top of her father and begging for mercy.


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It’s sad to think you can’t even go to a fun concert, dinner, or a movie without having to worry about being ambushed with your family.

But these are hard facts you must face now.

You shouldn’t live in fear – for yourself or for those you love – and knowing you have the ability to destroy any man with your bare hands is what gives you the confidence to walk anywhere without fear.

What Other Multiple Attacker Street Fight Self Defense Moves Do You Believe Will Help Others Survive?

Please Share Your Observations On This Attack Below Now…

  • David Wilson says:

    I encountered that situation in Geneva, Switzerland with my wife, three drunks on the street. Your first two steps worked for me.

  • As Tim Larkin and Chris Ranck-Buhr espouse, debilitating injury. Pop an eye, crush a testicle, break a clavicle, break a joint, dump him on the ground to get a contra coup brain injury, and don’t stop until he is rendered unable to act. Plain, simple, brutal violence. Find a target, strike with all your body weight, and don’t give him time to recover. And so it goes…

  • Adelino Bacani says:

    Can you check in your file and tell me if you’ve already sent me this

  • Adelino Bacani says:

    Can you check in your file if you’ve already sent me this DVD? Is so please save it for someone else who might want one. If not, please send the DVD to me thank you. Adelino B. Bacani Jr.

  • kalihi scorpion says:

    the most dangerous enemy in a civilized society is the person (s) high on alcohol or drugs or rioting. their minds have only one objective! it is to hurt you and anyone else with you if they can. they did not rape the women! this is indicative of a non-functioning sensible brain overcome by the ‘high’ of alcohol in this case. looking at the 3 pukes i would try to kill the top guy in the pic first. then the middle guy and then the bottom guy! yes i said kill. they might sober up if you kill one of them making the odds balance out. the middle guy is the ‘sucker puncher’ and the bottom guy is the watch and see what to do guy! i’m only guessing but a lot of what i say comes from real fights against multiple attackers! if i guess wrong i’ll get beat up like wallace. i’ve been up against 5 at one time and walked away unscratched, but it’s because i’ve been in and experienced this situation many times before. wallace himself may have been a little tipsy to even talk to the guys in the truck to begin with setting him and his family up for the attack! it doesn’t take much to light the fuse and start the fire. always be aware of where you are and your surroundings! always run away if you can to safety. you can only be a hero if you come out of the brawl intact! god bless us all!

  • jerry cadenhead says:

    Everyone should be trained on:
    where to hit
    when to hit
    and not to stop until they are incapacitated.

  • Two easy and quick spots to incapacitate anyone is a quick punch in the throat and the second is the solar plexus between the stomach and chest. Either one and there’s no more fight in them.

  • Yrs ago – I got some Karate(Hard Style) training. To allow me to get-to my gun. Which I “ALWAYS CARRY”. I Also shoot a Tactical Shooting Competition every month for 10yr now. Pistol & Rifle. I Shoot Pistol so I can “get to” my AR Rifle(Trunk Gun). I Always “Carry”(Cond 1 – Rd in Chamber) + 2 full 17 rd Re-loads on “Off Side”. S&W M&P9C 15+1. Hornady Critical Defense. Me – State/DHS Certified Defensive Instr. As others have said “Get Dirty Vicious” – Some Street Moves – Eyes, throat, groin, Hand/Finger manipulations, more. Finger IN Eye. GANGS – Faced with a gang – try to fight 1 at a time – you need “1-strike moves” to take them out. Until you can get-to your gun. Study – Practice XCQB – ie Close-up fighting. And “Retention Shooting”(Gun held close against Your body). Learn and Practice “Retention Shooting”(Many positions) – ie at arms-length or closer distance. Your Gun Heal/Butt – held against “Your Body” – Hip, chest, wherever. Stand, say “arms length” from your target – practice shooting to chest with Your Gun held on Your Hip but Aimed UP at say 70 deg – NOT easy as you think(Careful – Needs Practice)(You “will” get Blow-back in your face-maybe blow you hat off)(Like Me). You can use S&W BB guns and IDPA Targets on a stand to practice all that. “Not” as easy as it would seem – Needs Practice. I Survived 3 Real Attacks – So far.

  • Hurchubad says:

    One move that ANYONE can do if someone grabs your throat and tries to strangle you, is to grab his “little finger”, hard..and break it backward hard and quick! No matter how big you may be, your entire hand is stronger than his little finger. Don’t give him time to tighten up, Snatch his little finger backwards HARD and FAST, as if you’re trying to break it off his hand….because YOU ARE !!! He’ll scream like a little girl giving you a chance to quickly break away and run. This really works! I’ve taught this in some self defense classes that I’ve given to female nurses and staff.

  • Position yourself as close as you can to the outside of the line of attackers and strike the one at the end of the line and then throw him into the next one. After a first one or two strikes starting with a nice kick at the knee, a good thai clinch with both hands pulling on his head following up, is useful to control his movement and perhaps use him as a shield while continuing to throw knees, headbutts and elbows until he is out of it. If the next guy hasn’t run away, do the same to him.

  • It also shows what you have in hand is what you get to use..

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