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Facing Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight? Try This Double-Strike Self-Defense Move

I’m no stranger to being threatened by gangs…

I used to live in a rough part of New Mexico that became a major stopping point on the “heroine trail” from Mexico to the U.S. and was battled over by 2 rival gangs – the 18th Streeters and Los Surenos.

Frankly, these days nearly every medium-sized town has some sort of “gang presence”, whether you know it or not.

And since most bangers are out cruising around in their cars, they can pose a serious danger to the “target of opportunity”…

…a lone person exiting the convenient store

…elderly person who looks like an easy target

…or even a young family who will cower in fear when 3 or 4 rough-looking men drive up close with their music blasting

Forget all of the “best case scenarios” most people typically train for – when it comes to real street fights, you MUST know…

How To Defeat MULTIPLE Attackers In A Real Street Fight Attack!

How To Defeat Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight

Now, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re threatened by multiple attackers, your best bet is to RUN!

But that may not be an option (like if you’re protecting your family).

In that case, if they get up in your face and you feel that an attack is unavoidable, your very first move is to STRIKE FIRST to try to take out at least one attacker.

If you were facing two attackers, now you’re only facing one.

But if what if you were facing two attackers and could take out BOTH of them with just one strike?  Well…

Here’s A Self-Defense Move To Attack TWO (Or More!) Attackers At The Same Time…

Here’s how to pull off this multiple attackers self-defense move…

  • First you must quickly ( ! ) assess your best tactical escape.  In other words, your goal may be to clear a way to an exit door or to get to your car to get out of Dodge.  Your path AND the position of your attackers all matter. Use one of the scumbags as an obstacle by quickly moving to the outside flank of one of the attackers who is close to another.
  • Next, use one of the scumbags as an obstacle by quickly moving to the outside flank of one of the attackers who is close to another.
  • As soon as you have him in line with the guy closest to him – with all your might, strike into the head of the attacker as if you’re trying to take it clear off his body.(This is a powerful move and will even work against much larger and stronger attackers – but it MUST be done correctly – and I show you how in my free “street defense” DVD here…)If you do this right, you’ll force the first attacker off-balance and he’ll fall into the man next to him, causing them BOTH to be off-balance, even if only for a few seconds.
  • That’s all you need to either escape along your previously identified path to safety… OR follow up with a powerful stomp to a vital target to take one (or both) out of the fight quickly.

Of course, there are certain tactics that work better than others – especially when you’re talking about facing bigger, stronger attackers or surviving something as serious as a multiple attacker scenario.

When it comes to surviving a violent attack, you CAN’T rely on size or strength because you never know who you’re going to face.

But it doesn’t take hours of training to master this critical self-defense skill.


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What Do You See As The Biggest Challenges When Forced To Defend Against Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Attack?

Please Share Your Street Fight Tips Below Now…

  • Stay calm. Look them straight in the eye and grin. This makes them think that you have The way to take them out and you’re just waiting for the chance to prove it. This will remove a lot of their self confidence and begin looking for a way out of any confrontation.

    • Or, maybe even start laughing like a crazy person…

      • Hirotimo Tashagi says:

        That will give you about one second to follow it up with something violent.

    • Hirotimo Tashagi says:

      Actually, all this does is give them a good laugh. And as for you; while you could have been doing something massive to one of them, you are now about to be pummeled while smirking. Not good.

  • Hirotimo Tashagi says:

    I have always believed in going directly at one guy, grab one body part, like a finger, nose, eye; and Kill It. He is then DONE. If this is done quick enough, you will have only had to absorb two strikes max. You then bend at the waist, grabbing the ankle of the one closest to you, and simply run away as Fast As Possible. You turn near a bldg., car, pole or anything stationary, and fling his body into it, as you run past. His body slams into the object, with his head, and then He is DONE. Now it is much more of a ‘fair fight’ if such a thing exists. This WORKS.
    OR- grab a weapon. They are all around you. Such is the windshield wiper of a car. Snap off a piece, and then jam the broken end into the jugular of the attacker. Or in the eye, nose, mouth, or ear.
    Then have a Nice(r) day than they will!

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