Why I HATE these "multiple attacker" myths (& you should too)

Why I HATE these “multiple attacker” myths (& you should too)

You know what I HATE?

Bad self-defense advice – especially advice that is basically MYTHS that people repeat.

Well, you won’t find a topic with more myths about it than one of the worst-case scenarios for self-defense:

Facing multiple attackers!

In fact, I feel so strongly about the myths and misinformation people repeat about multiple attackers that eleven years ago (when we were still Modern Combat & Survival) I did a video about these myths.

Climb into the wayback machine with me again…

(and don’t judge my hairline or my waistline from eleven years ago, okay?)

…for this retro edition of Warrior Life TV!

Also, what ELSE do people get wrong all the time about fighting multiple attackers… or any OTHER part of self-defense?

(Man, that room really was relentlessly RED, wasn’t it?)

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