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MCS Podcast #109: Self-Defense Over 50


One of the most frequent questions we get from listeners and readers when it comes to self defense is…

“Can an older person really defeat a younger, stronger attacker in a real fight?”

Now I’m not so stupid to think that a giant, 240 lb street thug doesn’t have a size and strength advantage against most “over 50” men and women.

But frankly, it’s the wrong question.

A better question is, “What specific tactics can an older person rely on to completely destroy that overconfident piece of sh*t who thinks I’m an easy target?”

Now THAT I can work with!

And this week, that’s exactly what my friend, former cop, and martial arts Hall Of Fame legend, Loren Christensen, is going to reveal!

Unarmed Self-Defense For Over 50!

Self Defense Over 50

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • How to project a “don’t screw with me” attitude to avoid coming off as an easy parking lot target!
  • Going “beyond the gun”: Sound advice from a “gun guy” who’s seen how real fights happen on the mean streets!
  • How to avoid the “martial arts trap” of getting sucked into the one-size-fits-all strategies that will fail you in a real attack!
  • A short-list “cheat sheet” of the most effective tactics you can use right away to be better prepared to face any threat with nothing but your bare hands!
  • Simple self-defense training strategies anyone can do – no matter where you love or what classes are available in your area!

Being “over 50” is no excuse for failing to develop the skills you may need to one day save your life… or the life of someone you love.

These tactics will show you just how much “bad-ass” you still have left in you!

Are YOU “Over 50”?

Please Share Your Best Unarmed Self-Defense Tips Below Now…

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