Dirty, Nasty Street Fighting Move For A Ground Fight!

Dirty, Nasty Street Fighting Move For A Ground Fight!

No, you DON’T have to be “big and strong” to defeat a violent attacker.

Hell, you don’t even need to practice a bazillion different “martial arts moves” for hours and hours.

All you need are some “dirty” streetfight moves (the kind that are so brutal, they’re considered “illegal” in UFC cage fighting bout.)

Let me give you a quick example of…

A Dirty, Nasty Street Fighting Move For A Ground Fight…

Real Street Fight Ground Fighting Technique

Ok, first – you’ve most likely heard that when it comes to “real fights”, they almost always eventually go to the ground, right?

This can happen as a result of any number of reasons…

  • You could attempt a takedown of your attacker and he could pull you down with him…
  • You could be stunned and fall…
  • You might even trip over an obstacle (like a chair or the curb)

But make no mistake…

The ground is the LAST place you want to be when you’re under attack and your only goal is to get your ass off the pavement as quickly as possible before you get your head crushed in by the steel-toed workboots of your attacker’s buddies.

That’s why I’m not a huge fan of learning “ground fighting” techniques like armbars, chokes, and submissions (the kind you’d learn in any kind of mixed martial arts school).

I only focus on tactics that will end any fight in just seconds – including a ground fight.

Tactics like this aren’t pretty. But they work.

Damn well.

Forget “Mixed Martial Arts” – This “Illegal” Street Fight Move Is A Fight-Ender…

Ok, while a trained mixed-martial artists in a ground fight may go for some complicated choke-hold (that would take weeks or months to perfect), there’s a better way…

Just reach for your attacker’s hand as he’s grappling with you, and grab any one of his fingers.

It’s actually pretty easy to do because, in a ground fight, he’s going to be trying to “wrestle” you to get into a better position with you.

You don’t even need to see what you’re doing… just “feel” where he’s grabbing you, and then grab any one of his fingers.

But here’s the secret…

Once you have a grip on his finger, don’t bend it backwards like most people would do.

Instead, bend it SIDEWAYS!

Bend a finger backwards and it hurts.

Bend it sideways and it will snap like a twig!

Now I’ll tell you…

This brutal move is considered “illegal” in cage-matches like the UFC because it could put a fighter completely out of commission for several months as they heal… even end the career of an athlete!

But it’s the exact type of “nasty tactic” that can help you end a fight in seconds… and even a vicious gangbanger who has no mercy or respect for your life.

Better yet… it takes almost no strength at all to do this (and you don’t even have to practice this simple move)!

Not only will he be screaming in agony as he desperately tries to escape from YOU… but now you’re only fighting a “one-handed” thug (if he has any fight in him at all, that is).

Look, ground fighting doesn’t have to be complicated like most mixed martial arts systems try to make it.

You just have to think “brutal” and know the best moves (that are simple to pull off in a real attack) and will leave your attacker in a crumpled mess, howling in pain – or unconscious.

You can start with our I’ve compiled the nastiest fight moves into this step-by-step free “street-fighting” DVD right here…

The simple moves I show you on this DVD work even if your attacker is bigger than you, stronger than you, and more experienced than you.

Know Any Other “Brutal” Ground Fighting Moves For The Street?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below Now…

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