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MCS 222 – Training “Freeze” Into “Fight”: Stress-Inoculation For Real-World Attacks!

Long before we were all running around in leopard-skin thongs, carrying sharp sticks (concealed of course), we’ve been focused on one single goal…

… to survive at all costs!

To help us in this endeavor, the good Lord blessed us with the world’s first “cocktail” – adrenaline – designed to make us “freeze, fight, or take flight” when facing sharp teeth, or outnumbered by hairy dudes with even sharper sticks.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, rather), most of us aren’t staring death in the face on a daily basis… which means your ability to react decisively to defend yourself, instead of freezing like a deer in the headlights, isn’t as second-nature as it should be.

But there IS a way to overcome this deadly obstacle…

…with very specific “training tricks” that a former SWAT Commander, Todd Lamb, is going to show us in this week’s podcast episode.

(Oh, and please don’t make the mistake of saying, “Freezing when attacked would never happen to me!” It HAS happened to me, and I share my own mistakes – and lessons learned – in this week’s episode.)

Start Training To FIGHT NOT FREEZE Today!

Adrenal Response Tactical Training
Adrenal-response training for real-world attacks!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The only 3 ways to overcome “genetic survival programming” that’s evolved over hundreds of thousands of years!
  • How to employ the same technique used by spec-ops soldiers, Olympic athletes, and Chuck Norris (oh yeah!) for setting yourself up each day for peak tactical performance!
  • Key techniques to inject “emotional realism” into all of your tactical training!
  • Solo stress-inoculation: Preparing your fast-action “fight response”… even without a training partner!
  • How to maintain your tactical readiness – every single day – with just a few simple training tricks.

The more I train, the more I realize just how critical those first 3 seconds are when forced to fight.

This week’s episode WILL increase your chances of surviving ANY type of attack!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

How Do YOU Train For Realistic Attack Scenarios!

Please Share Your Best Tactical Training Tips Below Now…

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