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Fight Like A Pirate (And Other Reality-Based Self-Defense Tricks)

Even in “reality based self defense” training curriculums, no one likes to think that they’ll get hurt in a fight.

But let’s face it… anything can happen, right?

So why don’t most martial arts programs train for the reality of potential injury during an attack… and how to fight through it to survive?

Here’s how you can add some realism to your self defense training and prepare for the worst…

Reality Based Self Defense Training –
Fighting Through Injury

Any number of injuries can happen in a real street fight so it’s important that you begin to train with a variety of simulated “wounds” so that you’re at least familiar with how to fight through the pain and restrictions.

For example…

  • The “Pebble In The Shoe” Trick – Pick a small, jagged pebble off the ground and put it in your shoe.  The pain will make you favor your other leg and prepare you for fighting in a scenario where you may have twisted an ankle or been shot or stabbed.
  • The “Pirate” Trick – Ever have a grain of sand stuck in your eye? Hurts like hell, right? In a real street fight, you can get grit in your eye, punched, or scratched and you’re unable to keep it open to fight.  Fighting with one-eye destroys your depth perception and peripheral vision. Put an eye patch over one eye and train vs. a bag or sparring partner to see the difference.
  • The “School Yard Double Dare” Trick – Every young boy has at one point boldly yelled at another, “I could beat you with one hand tied behind my back!”.  Time to prove it…You never know when your arm could be broken in a fight or hit by a bullet, so use a rope or a belt to restrain your arm to the side of your body.
  • The “Dazed & Confused” Trick – A smack to the head can at least temporarily cause you to become light-headed, confused, and disoriented. Grab a baseball bat and place one end on the ground (vertically) and then, hunching over, place your forehead on the tip of the handle.  Now, keeping the bat stationary, quickly spin your body around the bat 10 times while keeping your forehead on the bat.  Stand up and  immediately attack a heavy bag or your padded training partner while dizzy.

These are just a few examples of how to simulate injuries in your reality-based self-defense training program.

When added to your training, it will help you prepare both mentally and physically for a real street attack – and greatly increase your chances of survival!

What Other Reality Based Self-Defense Training
Tricks Do You Use For Street Fighting?

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