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MCS 161: Self-Defense Against Larger Attackers (3 Critical Moves)

Over the years, the #1 question we’ve always received from readers when it comes to self-defense is…

…”How can I win a real street-fight against a bigger, stronger, attacker?”

Well, I won’t lie… size DOES make a difference when it comes to fighting.

But it’s not “THE” determining factor… and this week I’ll share with you 3 critical factors you can use to know without a doubt that you have the ability to destroy someone twice your size and strength!

Defeating Larger Attackers With 3 CRITICAL Factors

Self Defense Tips Against Larger Attackers
Use These 3 Self Defense Tips To Defeat A Larger Attacker

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The “martial arts myth” that even self-defense instructors (who have never been in a real fight) fall prey to!
  • What a $100 bill can teach you about the life-or-death reality of the first seconds of an attack!
  • How to strike “superhero hard”… even if you’re 80 lbs soaking wet!
  • Why I’m NOT a fan of the “groin strike”… and what to do instead!
  • The weakest spots of the human body (that even jacked-up, muscle-bound felons can’t train to protect)!

Believe it or not, the “little guy/gal” can actually have an advantage in a real street fight against a larger attacker!

But only if you follow these 3 critical self-defense tips now!

What Other Tactics Are Critical For Defeating A Bigger, Stronger Attacker?

Please Share Your Best Street-Fight Self-Defense Tips Below Now…

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